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High In The Sky

HIGH IN THE SHY A CLOSER LOOK AT SOME OF THE TOP BRANDS OF SINGLE ENGINE AIRCRAFT FOR GENERAL AVIATION Beechcraft YEAR FOUNDED 1927 MAIN FACTORY LOCATION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES (O) WICHITA,KANSAS 5.400+ LONGEST PRODUCED MODEL REVENUE AALII 2$ $1.1+ B 2011 BEECHCRAFT BONANZA G36 SPECIFICATIONS AIRCRAFT BUILT Range O 254 Miles ****** Over 54,000 TANK Capacity 5 Passengers STILL FLYING Engine Power 300 HP Over 36,000 Max Speed O 209 MPH =1,000 : 9 = 1B X = 10,000 y =10,000 Cruise Speed 203 MPH Engine Model Continental IO-550-B FUN FACTS • Beechcraft first began production in an unused factory that belonged to one of their now biggest competitors, Cessna. • In August, Beechcraft secured the largest general aviation propeller aircraft order in history valued at $1.4 Billion. it MOONEY WE Lov To x. Fat YEAR FOUNDED 1929 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES MAIN FACTORY LOCATION 300+ KERRVILLE, TEXAS REVENUE LONGEST PRODUCT MODEL SPECIFICATIONS OF 2007 MOONEY M20TN ACCLAIM: $ $10M AIRCRAFT BUILT THE MOONEY M20 SERIES 11,000+ Range 1662 Miles TANK Capacity 3 Passengers STILL FLYING Engine Power 280 HP 350 Max Speed O 278 MPH = 100 O = 1M = 1,000 Y= 100 Cruise Speed 272 MPH Engine Model Continental TSIO-550-G FUN FACTS Mooney has over 130 world speed records including the fastest transcontinental flight in a single-engine, piston powered production aircraft. • Fleet has amassed more than 40 million hours of flight. • Produced the first single-engine aircraft certified for flight into known icing conditions. Cessna YEAR FOUNDED 1937 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES MAIN FACTORY LOCATION 8,500+ WICHITA, KANSAS REVENUE LONGEST PRODUCED MODEL $3.1+B AIRCRAFT BUILT ***** 186,000 Cessna 172 Specifications Range O 801 Miles STILL FLYING TANK Capacity 3 Passengers 25,000 Engine Power 160 HP = 1,000 = 1B X =10,000 Y= 5,000 Max Speed O 188 MPH Cruise Speed Se 140 MPH Engine Model Lycoming OI-360-L2A FUN FACTS • In the 1950's, Cessna's marketing department copied a strategy from the Detroit automakers and created unique terms for their parts in an effort to differentiate themselves from competitors. Some examples include 'Nav-O-Matic' and Land-O-Matic'. • The Cessna 172 is the highest produced aircraft in the world at over 60,000 units. Piper + YEAR FOUNDED 1937 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES MAIN FACTORY LOCATION 600+ VERO BEACH, FLORIDA REVENUE LONGEST PRODUCED MODEL $148+ M SP-AWP AIRCRAFT BUILT J3C-65 Cub Specifications ***** 130,000+ O 220 Miles Range TANK Capacity 1 Passenger STILL FLYING Engine Power 65 HP Max Speed O 87 MPH 90,000+ Cruise Speed 75 HP = 100 = 100M * = 10,000 = 10,000 Engine Model Continental A-65-8 FUN FACTS • In 2013, The Piper Family celebrates two historic first flights, 60th anniversary of twin engine aircraft and 30th anniversary of the Piper Malibu • Founder, William Piper, was referred to as the "Henry Ford of Aviation" because of his belief of manufacturing simple, affordable private airplanes. SOURCES eneral-aviation-propeller-aircraft-order-in-history-valued-at-1-4-billion/ model-36-bonanza/ Aircraft of_most_produced_aircraft eneral-aviation-propeller-aircraft-order-in-history-valued-at-1-4-billion/ 282011 model_G36.29 M20TN_Acclaim.29 cite_note-SpecPDF-64 28J3C-65_Cub.29

High In The Sky

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This is the perfect infographic for all pilots and aircraft aficionados as it provides a closer look at some of the top brands of single engine aircraft for general aviation. This incredibly interesti...




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