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The Hidden Costs of a DIY Move

THE HIDDEN COST OF A DIY MOVE / WHAT YOU NEED II TO KNOW 11 FRAGILE AS CANADIANS WEIGH THE PROS & CONS OF DIY MOVING VS. HIRING A PROFESSIONAL, THERE ARE A NUMBER OF UNEXPECTED COSTS TO CONSIDER PROPERTY DAMAGE Damage to Wall: $120 - $220 Broken Television: $300-$1200 A sizable hole in your wall from a misjudged turn while moving a couch will cost you the time and effort of a professional – and thats not cheap. The television wasn't properly secured during transport to your new home and now the screen is cracked. TIME IS MONEY Time Off Work to Pack & Move: What's Their Time Worth: $40 Packing might not seem like a costly endeavour, but once you calculate the cost of time, it starts adding up. Moving and packing will take place on different days, that means you need to take another day off work. Did your friends take time off their job to help you lug a couch up 3 flights of stairs? Tradition demands payment of pizza and beer. 1 DAY= CHOURLY WAGE X 8 HOURS) 1 FRIEND=(1.5 PIZZAS+ 3 BOTTLES OF DOMESTIC BEER) INEFFICIENCIES Overfilling Boxes Inefficient Loading Furniture Assembly 11 11 11 11 EXPENSES The Truck: Insurance: Gas: $320+ Per Day $50-150 $1.22 Per Litre Packing Materials: Storage Unit Ran Over Neighbour's Flower Bed: 212 $3.99 l'm Sorry Card $50 New Flowers $150-$600 $50-300 Per Month IS DOING IT YOURSELF REALLY WORTH IT? RELAX, WE CARRY THE LOAD Sources: ALLIED

The Hidden Costs of a DIY Move

shared by carylanne on May 18
Are you moving soon? Check out these hidden costs associated with DIY moves versus hiring a moving company.




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