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Hack Your Commute

HACK YOUR COMMUTÉ Of the 128 million people in the U.S. who have a daily commute, 78% drive alone. Fortunately, your commute doesn't have to feel like boring "wasted time." Driving is the most stressful means of People who take a train, walk or bike to work However, driving is many employees' only option. commuting. are happier. TOP 9 WORST CITIES FOR COMMUTING Average yearly delay % of commuters % of commuters use per commuter drive alone public transportation % Walk to work % Bike to work 64 hr A 41% 15% 63 hr 9% A 51% O 2% 4% 61 hr 7% 33% 21% 50% C1% 5. Boston 6. Seattle 28% O 78 hr 11% 7. Chicago 36% 4. New York City G 4% O 33% 3. San Francisco 74 hr A 21% 10% 1.Washington Dc 1% 57% O 82 hr 2. Los Angeles 14% O 5% A 32% © 80 hr A 67% 4% 9. Dallas 39% 1% 53 hr 2% A 76% 11% O 0% 8. Houston O 4% 61 hr 2% 75% G 1% 4% APPS FOR A FUN AND PRODUCTIVE COMMUTE Learn interesting facts about everything from how superhero costumes are designed to the history of revolving doors. PODCASTS "99% Invisible" O 15 - 20 min This Buzzfeed podcast provides food for thought, discussing issues related to identity, equality, race and pop culture. "Another Round" 1 hour (« "Reply All" Mentally explore every corner of the internet during your daily commute. 30 - 45 min Audible O AUDIOBOOKS Listen to audiobooks on nearly any subject imaginable during your commute. Test Audible out with a free trial. LibriVox All audiobooks available here are public domain and completely free. Librophile This site offers audiobooks for purchase, but it also offers over 100K for free. HANDS-FREE Headspace APPS Available for iOS and Android, this mindfulness app could help you be more calm and focused when driving. Try it at home before applying mindfulness to the road. 'Language Superstar' on Spotify Learn a new language during your commute with one of these free language lessons on Spotify. To get the best language learning experience, you should also study the language at home when you have time. HOW TO USE YOUR COMMUTE TO MANAGE STRESS Here are a few ways to turn your stressful commute into a stress-management activity: SING TO YOURSELF Singing releases endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety and promote feelings of elation. You don't have to sound like a professional to experience the benefits. BE GRATEFUL SS Think of all the things you are grateful for today. It's been suggested that practicing gratitude can improve empathy, increase happiness and reduce aggression and depression. CREATE AN AUDIO JOURNAL Journaling is a great way to reduce stress, solve problems and clarify your feelings. It's also thought to improve physical health by strengthening immune cells. An easy way to find time to journal is to record your thoughts to yourself as you drive to or from work. Today I.. Still think your commute is fine the way it is? Here's what it can do to you. STUDIES HAVE FOUND THAT can cause SPIKES IN BLOOD PRESSURE. Both temporarily and long term. COMMUTING OR COMMUTING DURING RUSH HOUR FOR LONG DISTANCES found that couples with long commutes were A 10-year Swedish study of 2 MILLION 40% LPEOPLE A nnnn more likely to GET A DIVORCE In a 2014 Canadian study, of 3,400 STUDY PARTICIPANTS commuters who had to deal with heavy traffic and unpredictable traveling times reported THE WORST OQUALITY OF LIFE. Don't let your commute drive your life. Sources Statistic Brain New York Magazine Association for Psychological Science TIME Texas A&M Transportation Institute University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute TM CIPony Parts

Hack Your Commute

shared by fueledbycoffee on Feb 24
Lifehacks to make your daily commute more productive and less frustrating.


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