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Getting Around Transportation Today

AROUND Getting TRANSPORTATION TODAY $938,567 Amount that Panos Media, a research institute, estimates the 70 year lifespan of a Kenyan elephant is worth in tourist revenue. 1849 80,832 Number of licensed rickshaws in Delhi, India. Estimated number of total rickshaws in Delhi. 12.053 Number of yellow taxis in New York City Date of the first documented air attack, when an 500,000 Austrian hot air balloon dropped a 50 pound bomb on the island of Murano, near Venice. 7000 Average number of bags lost daily by the airline industry Of every 1000 bags handled, 5 are lost. VEHICLE TRAFFIC PER KILOMETER OF ROAD $385 MILLION SELECTED COUNTRIES, 1998 Amount in airplane damages caused annually by bird strikes, according to the FAA Number of buses in the world's 18,397 largest fleet, owned by the Andre Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation in India 6.1 MILLION 108 168 205 279 Somalia's camel population, the world's largest. The most popular vehicle in the world today is the bicycle. 7.7 MILLION Somalia's human population. There are over 1.4 billion bicycles in service today, and only about 400 million cars. In China alone, there are over 500 million bicycles in use. Every year more than 35,000 Chinese cyclists die from bike accidents. WORLD'S FASTEST TRAINS Average number of people injured or 347 killed in Armenia for every 1000 vehicles, FRANCE 320 MPH making Armenians the work's worst drivers. In the USA, the number is 16. JAPAN 277 MPH GERMANY 255 MPH CARS & TRUCKS PER 1000 PEOPLE 186 MPH 186 MPH ITALY USA GERMANY 785 563 BELGIUM 558 JAPAN MEXICO 151 VIETNAM 5 INDIA 25 USA 150 MPH 4000 MILES MOTORBIKES Distance from Ethiopia to South Africa, walked by the nomadic Bantu people in pursuit the Bantu "sowed their wild oats, spawning the Masai of Kenya, the PER 1000 PEOPLE INDIA O 25 USA O1 MEXICO 13 fresh cattle pastures in the 1700s. Along the way, JAPAN 110 VIETNAM 56 Zulu of South Africa, the Maukua of Tanzania, the Yau of Mozambique, the Tutsi/Hutu of Rwanda, and the Baganda of Uganda, to name a few. GERMANY 55 Length of the longest horse - drawn journey, completed in 1998 by a 8 YEARS atich family who traveled 17,200 miles around the werld Tn a tu 214% Growth in number of mega-yachts (80 feet or more) since 1996, from 2,800 to over 6000 today Cost of the average US. honeymoon, which $3,365 typically lasts 9 days and involves a trip to INA INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS ÀREHIVE the Caribbean, the Bahamas, or to Europe. SOURCES - TRAVEL INDUSTRY WORLD YEARBOK- AMERICAN HORSE COUNCIL - NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - USA TODAY - ACTAS - FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION - LOS ANGELES TIMES - GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS - FEDERAL AVIATION AUTHORITY - PHOTOGRAPH BY JO LOVEARD MAP BY JONATHAN H ARRIS OF FLAMING TOAST PRODUCTIONS 11111111111111111 2 LEBANON HONG KONG 1 JAPAN I1 USA

Getting Around Transportation Today

shared by maggie on Mar 23
People get on airplanes and travel halfway across the world everyday without even thinking twice about it. You can wake up in the morning in Los Angeles and go to bed that night in London, England. We...


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