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The Future of Cars: Connected Vehicles

CONNECTED VEHICLES TOO SMART FOR THEIR OWN GOÓD? - Smarter doesn't mean safer: connected cars are designed to improve our driving experience, but the technology they use can have dangerous side effects for car owners. How can drivers stay safe and keep their identities protected while enjoying new car features? CONNECTED CARS OF TODAY Today's connected cars use integrated telecommunications and informatics systems called "telematics" to monitor and control vehicleş. Exit 1 The Chevy Volt has 10 million lines of 01 code - about 4 million more than an F-35 fighter jet. Mobile connectivity: Enables cars to connect to Wi-Fi, 4G, (4G and Bluetooth (8) networks Keyless entry and ignition: Wireless signals allow drivers to unlock and even start their cars remotely Companion apps: Enable drivers to control car behavior from their Engine diagnostics: Monitor engines and alert owners when maintenance smart phones is required Navigation and tracking: GPS is O used to monitor a car's location and provide navigation information Voice control: Voice recognition software enables drivers to manage certain car functions CONNECTED CARS OF TOMORROW Today's cars may seem pretty smart, but the application of in-car telematics is nowhere near its full potential. Within the next few years connected cars will provide: Vehicle Infrastructure Integration: VII will enable communications between vehicles as well as with Driverless cars: Companies like Google, Ford, BMW, and Audi are developing self-driving cars. Google reports to have roadway infrastructure. driven 300,000 miles autonomously. In-car app stores: Automakers are developing in-car app stores as smart phones become more integrated with connected cars. "By 2020, expect the majority of vehicles to have built-in speech recognition." -Fátima Vital, Nuance Mobile updates: Drivers will be able to update their vehicles' oftware on-the-go. Full network integration: Cars will be 49 able to serve as Wi-Fi and 4G hot spots. Some companies that produce car software include: SYNC CENTRAFUSE" TOMTOM Microsoft OnStar NUANCE SMARTER DOESN'T MEAN MORE SECURE The risks associated with car hacking are vast, ranging from vehicle theft to eavesdropping on your conversations and tracking your location. Exit 1 Security expert Joe Grand estimates that automakers' cyber attack prevention lags about 20 years behind today's software companies. 20 CRIMINAL XING Researchers at UCal hacked telematics software to control engines, brakes, locks, alerts, and more. Researchers at BlackHat 2011 unlocked and started a Subaru Outback using only their smartphones. Self Destruct Virus Car computers can be infected with malware such as viruses, bots, and more. Starts a 60 second countdown that turns off headlights, locks the doors, shuts down the engine, and disables the brakes. 60. JIM'S AUTO BODY PROTECTING YOUR CAR A Driver's Guide to Protected Car Ownership 1. Weigh your risk 60 min YIELD Before purchasing a car, ask about the wireless systems that are installed. Do a little background research to find out if they are at risk of attack. 2. Choose repair centers wisely 30 min Only visit certified and reputable repair shops. Dishonest shops can steal your information, infect your car's computer with malware, or manipulate your systems to show phony alerts for unnecessary repairs. 3. Ask about aftermarket parts 15 min Confirm with your car dealer that any pre-installed aftermarket products (media players, remote shutdown systems, etc) are secure as well. 4. Secure your information Always Protect your car's credentials (unlock code, systems pass- words, etc) just as you would your passwords for your computer, email, or other accounts. Arrive at protected car ownership AN AUTOMAKER'S GUIDE TO SECURING CAR SOFTWARE м GM Ford TOYOTA 1. Create Policies for reviewing apps Establish policies that define the analysis goals, testing methods, and timeline. 2. Communicate vendor requirements Provide a mandate to vendors that introduces the analysis options and confirms vendor participation. 3. Educate vendors on the analysis process Provide assistance and written guidance to educate vendors on testing and remediation. 4. Communicate then execute Implement project management to drive vendor participation and minimize delays. 5. Communicate results Review the results of the analysis and provide guidance for remediation. Arrive at secure software supply chain VENDOR APPLICATION SECURITY TESTING PROGRAM WAST Powered by VERACODE SOURCES could-bring-a-new-world-of-hacking.html Remote access and other security_issues?taxonomyld=17 hacked-feature amp-forecasting/skyrocketing role-software-cars affects-automotive-supply-chains text-message

The Future of Cars: Connected Vehicles

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It used to be that drivers only had to worry about driving safely, following the rules of the road and maintaining their vehicle, but now vehicle owners have a new issue to worry about: IT security. A...






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