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Fuel-Efficient Used Rides

Fuel-Efficient Used Rides: THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE. AMERICANS SPEND MORE THAN $1.3 THE AVERAGE AMERICAN SPENT A RECORD BILLION I $4,155 ON FUEL 2011 FILLING UP IN EACH DAY THE U.S. HAS THE LARGEST FLEET OF HYBRID ELECTRIC CARS IN THE WORLD, WITH MORE THAN 2 MILLION SOLD THROUGH JUNE 2011. WHAT YOU DRIVE MATTERS 2011 CHEVROLET VOLT 38MPG That's twice as efficient as a 2005 Cadillac. 2012 FIAT 5OOE 122MPG IN THE CITY A human being would have to subsist on one gallon of milk for 4.65 consecutive marathons to be as energy efficient. 2011 FORD FOCUS A 2011 Ford Focus electric will save the average consumer $9,000: every five years in fuel costs when compared to the average new vehicle. That's enough to buy two new ATVS. NOTE: THE AVERAGE 2014 VEHICLE GETS 23 MPG 2012 FORD FOCUS BEV FWD $1 $1 OF FUEL WILL LAST FOR 25 MILES * FINDINGS BASED OFF THE PRICE OF $3.25 PER GALLON 2012 MITSUBISHI I-MIEV $550 ANNUAL GAS EXPENDITURE FOR THE AVERAGE CONSUMER 1/8 vs. the annual fuel expenditure of a 2011 GMC Yukon at $4,400 DAY HTTP://www.PEWENVIRONMENT.ORG/UPLOADEDIMAGES/PEG/PUBLICATIONS/OTHER_RESOURCE/CLEN-FUEL-ECO-350-RC.JPG HTTP://I.UVESCIENCE.COM/IMAGES/I/o00/019/281/102/GO-FIGURE-HYBRIDS-110823A-02 JPG?1314131872 HTP://www.FUELECONOMY.GOV/FEG/BEST-WORST.SHTML HTTP://www.FUELECONOMY.GOV/FEG/FIND.DOBACTION=SBS&ID=34317 Ford HENRY

Fuel-Efficient Used Rides

shared by Fusion360 on May 21
How much does the average American spend on gas? And how can the type of car you drive affect you?


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