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Fuel efficiency in the US

Fuel Efficiency In the US HOW FAR WILL THAT FUEL GET YOU, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST AND WHAT IS IT DOING TO THE PLANET ALONG THE WAY? WE COMPARE COMMON FUELS AND HOW WE'RE USING THEM TO GET AROUND. US and Global Vehicles Rest of world cars: 465 million Passenger cars: 87% NUMBER OF VEHICLES GLOBAL VEHICLES BY TYPE US cars: 135 million Other: 13% Therefore, focusing on US Passenger Cars the following estimates apply. Comparing Financial Costs 90% of EV purchasers rated saving money on fuel as an NB: Calculations based on an average US mileage per year of 12.000 miles GASOLINE DIESEL ELECTRIC important factor Average Miles Per Gallon 20.3 47.9 102 (Miles Per Chargel Average Cost Per Gallon $2.750 $3.127 $3.500 (Cost Per Chargel Average Annual Cost $1,625 $1,895 $409 lat $0.034 per mile) Comparing The Environmental Costs 64% of EV purchasers rated the environment as an important NB: Calculations based on an average US mileage per year of 12,000 miles GASOLINE DIESEL ELECTRIC factor Average Co, Output per Mile 436g 227g 186g* "Electric vehicles are only as environmentally friendly as the power grid charging them. See more 2.23 tonnes* information below.. N0./ CH, / HFCS Output per Mile 21.3g 11.3g zero Average Co, Output per Year 5.2 tonnes 2.7 tonnes Gasoline By Numbers 44% 159,006 of the world's gasoline consumed by the US retail gasoline outlets 137.93 billion gallons consumed by the US in 2009 Most Efficient Car in this Class 1.0l Smart ForTwo 36 miles per gallon 2.23 tonnes CO, per year Savings against the average: $702 fuel saving per year 2.8 tonnes CO, saving per year Average New Car Price? $11,990 2nd Place: 1.6l Mini Cooper 2009 $594 fuel saving per year 2.73 tonnes CO, saving per year Least Efficient Car in this Class Lamborghini Murcielago 10 miles per gallon 9.67 tonnes CO, per year Average New Car Price? $407,500 Increase against the average: $2575 additional fuel cost per year +4.477 tonnes CO, per year The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has calculated: if the lowest CO, emitting vehicles in each class were used then average CO, emissions would fall by... V 30% Diesel By Numbers 50% of the European passenger car market are diesel engines 5% total percentage of US car market shared by Diesel, Electric Vehicles and Hybrids Most Efficient Car in this Class Smart ForTwo coupe 86 miles per gallon 1.68 tonnes CO, per year Savings against the average: $1459 fuel saving per year 1.02 tonnes CO, saving per year Average New Car Price? $14,050 2nd: VW Polo 1.2 TDI Bluemotion $1443 fuel saving per year 0.99 tonnes CO, saving per year A Very Inefficient' Diesel lit can carry more than your trunk though.) NASA Crawler-Transporter Only 1250 miles travelled in its leftime! 150 gallons of diesel per mile! In comparison, the Smart ForTwo coupe is over 12,900 times more efficient! Initial Price Tag? $14million The availability of diesel cars in the US is very limited. Manufacturers with no diesel cars in 2010 model year: Manufacturers with diesel cars in 2010 model year: Acura Hyundai Nissan Audi (2 models) Buick Kia Saab Cadillac Lexus Saturn BMW 12 models) Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge Lincoln Suburu Mercedes-Benz (2 models) Mazda Toyota Ford Mercury Volvo Volkswagen (2 models) Honda Mitsubish Electric Vehicles By Numbers 623 miles current record distance per full charge for a modified Mira. However, the average distance per charge is 102 miles, although cold weather can adversly effect this figure. zero co, emmision output of an Electric Vehicle. While the tailpipe emissions of an EV are zero, they are only as environmentally friendly as the grid charging them. 44% of the US grid is powered by coal Based on this, an average-sized Electric Vehicle outputs 186g CO, per mile - Petroleum 1.0% Gasoline average output 436g CO, per mile Natural Gas 23.4% Diesel average output 227g CO, per mile Nuclear 20.3% Hydroelectric 6.9% Other Renewables 3.6% The World Wide Fund for Nature found that a grid run solely on coal would see the CO, cost of charging an Electric Vehicle rise to 326g CO, per mile, more than most compact gas vehicles and average diesel cars. Hybrid Vehicles By Numbers 4 30% of US consumers are relatively unfamiliar with hybrid/electric technologies, even though they have been in the market for more than 10 years. 34 miles per gallon US average Hybrid average output 296g CO, per mile* Hybrid average annual fuel cost = $1,295 *depending on electricity source Selected Hybrid Cars in this Class Average New Car Price? $22,800 Toyota Prius 1.81 2010 50 miles per gallon 2.00 tonnes CO, per year Savings against the average: $706 fuel saving per year 1.5 tonnes CO, saving per year Average New Car Price? $19,800 Honda Insight 1.31 2010 41 miles per gallon 1.95 tonnes CO, per year Savings against the average: $576 fuel saving per year 1.55 tonnes CO, saving per year What Does The Future Hold For Fuels? Students from The Ohio State University have been pioneering alternative fuel vehicles. Their latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Buckeye Bullet 2, holds the hydrogen-powered landspeed record at 487.67 km/h. CBALLARD ROUSH EL Nissan and Ford have cancelled their hydrogen car production and research efforts. Toyota, HM, Honda, Daimler AG and Hyundai have all said they were preparing to sell fuel-cell vehicles by 2015. Ford NISSAN Wired News reported in 2008 that hydrogen was at least 40 years away from even becoming a viable option. WIRED Most importantly for hydrogen fuels.. $20bn cost to install infrastructure to support mass-market Hydrogen vehicles in the US according to Shell Hydrogen although Physics and Climate expert Joseph Romm in his book "The Hype About Hydrogen $500bn claims it will likely cost around... For Ultimate Fuel Efficiency... Forget Cars! A gallon of gasoline contains } 31,000 calories If a person could drink it (we can't so don't tryl, they would attain A cyclist weighing 77kg travelling at 15mph burns off 912 mpg 34 calories per mile SOURCES pdt Html html html tml http://www.fueleconomy gow/teg/hybrid sbs.shtml http://www.fueleconomy gow/teg/co2 shtml gasoline-cars/ http://www.ela.doe gov/petroleum/data_publications/wrgp/mogas_home http://www.fueleconomy gowlteg/bestworst shtml jspsection fuel&storympgWorst&subjectfuelList&referer-&affdallas pdf http:/egacy page .html http//www. nicsUSTRE ldotos http://www fue/diesel/4330313

Fuel efficiency in the US

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This infographic takes a look at fuel efficient cars in comparison with regular cars. It shows how they compare in environmental costs, financial costs and amount of gasoline intake. It also provides ...


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