Flight MH370 Infographic: Was Flight 370 Flown Into a Taliban Area?

INFOGRAPHIC:WAS FLIGHT 370 FLOWN INTO A TALIBAN AREA? FLIGHT MH370 FLIGHT МН370 Air traffic TIMELINE controllers reported that it could no longer detect MH370, placing its last coordinates at 06 55 15n 103 34 43e The last transmission from MH370's Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) , when it was MH370 was deliberately turned off. The transponder Malaysia Airlines flight 370 departed from Kuala was Lumpur International deliberately Airport and route to Beijing shut down 8.11am expected to land in Beijing after conditions were favourable. travelling about on March 8. Weather 4350km. MH370's last ping - 1.21am seven hours and 31 minutes after takeoff. It placed the jet in two possible flight corridors: one between Thailand 12.41am 6.30am (local 1.07am and Kazakhstan, and another between (local time) time) 1.30am Indonesia and the southern Indian Ocean The number of countries Jet climbed to involved in the search 45,000FT 25+ higher than a Boeing 777's approved limit as well as deep and remote oceans. Including THERE WERE 239 12 crew People members The Satellite data suggested the plane flew for at least The final words from 27 1/2 HOURS the cockpit /more than six hours after the last radio contact, >"ALL RIGHT, GOOD NIGHT" FLIGHT MH370 SEARCH MAP LOST CONTACT 4 HOUR FLIGHT RANGE 8 HOUR FLIGHT RANGE FLIGHT SIA68/SQ68 ACCORDING TOTHE PILOT KEITH LEDGERWOOD, FLIGHTMAYHAVE FLOWN ABOVE OR BELOW SQ68 SLIGHTLY. LISTENING TOATC INSTRUCTIONS WOULD HAVE ALLOWED MH370 TO STAY CURRENT ON SQ68'S NEXT MOVE. SYSTEM ONLY OPËRATES BY RECEIVING THE TRANSPONDER INFORMATIONFROM OTHER PLANES AND DISPLAYING IT FOR THE PILOT. IF MH370 WAS FLYING WITHOUT THE TRANSPONDER, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN INVISIBLE TO SIA68. AFTERLOOKING AT ALL THE DETAILS,ITISPOSSIBLE THAT MH370 SNUCK OUT OF THE BAY OF BENGAL USING SIA68 ASTHE PERFECT COVER. MH370ENTERED RADAR COVERAGE ALREADY INTHE RADAR SHADOW OF THE SIA68, STAYED THERE THROUGHOUT COVERAGE, AND THEN EXITED SIA68'S SHADOW AND MOST LIKELY LANDED IN ONE OF SEVERAL LAND LOCATIONS NORTH OF INDIA OR AFGHANISTAN Sources: Created by: TECH INFOGRAPHI CS.COM

Flight MH370 Infographic: Was Flight 370 Flown Into a Taliban Area?

shared by mantas.malukas on Mar 19
The news braking story of what really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which went missing on the 8th of March 2014 and has not been found yet, has confounded world’s aviation experts and ...


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