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Fatal Holidays: The Danger of Driving on Drinking Holidays

+ FATAL HOLIDAYS OF DRIVING ON DRINKING HOLIDAYS THE DANGER Everyone loves the holidays-time off, reconnecting with family and friends, the food, the drinks. Unfortunately, the celebratory spirit can cause people to overindulge and make poor decisions when it comes to drinking and driving. Alcohol-related fatality reports from the NHTSA* and the IIHS** show that specific holidays are the most dangerous for driving. *National Highway Traffic Safety Administration **Insurance Institute for Highway Safety THE LEGAL LIMIT 0.08 %BAC The legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is .08 in all 50 states. Driving over the limit is considered a DUI, which is a criminal offense DANGEROUS CELEBRATION NEW YEAR'S 4TH OF JULY Ringing in the New Year can have deadly consequences. Independence Day has more car crash fatalities than any other day of the year, with the second-highest percentage of drunk driving deaths-barely behind New Year's. Including the entire three-day Including New Year's Eve and Day, this holiday has the highest percentage of alcohol-related car crash fatalities. weekend, the 4th of July holiday is the deadliest of the year. Other Dangerous Factors: Other Dangerous Factors: AVG. # of Fatalities: Fatalities due to Drunk Driving: AVG. # of Fatalities: Fatalities due to Drunk Driving: • High number of pedestrian deaths • Bad weather conditions • Tired Drivers • Popular summer road 140 42% 178 41% trip weekend • Students are out of school THANKSGIVING GHRISTMAS With the expensive cost of flying, more people are hitting the roads to make it home for Thanksgiving. While a lower percentage of deaths are due to drunk driving, Thanksgiving feasts combined with drinks, busy roads, and tired drivers make for a dangerous start to the holiday season. While Christmas Day itself has fewer crash fatalities, the days preceding-especially December 23rd-see a jump in alco- hol-related crashes. Whether it's the holiday parties or time off from work/school, the Christmas season has a bad history of drunk driving deaths. Other Dangerous Factors: AVG. # of Fatalities: AVG. # of Fatalities: Other Dangerous Factors: • Snowy and icy roads • Holiday Travel Fatalities due to Drunk Driving: Fatalities due to Drunk Driving: • "Blackout Wednesday"- the night before Thanksgiving is one of the most popular drinking nights of the year for college students 572 36% 140 39% MEMORIAL DAY JАВOR DAУ The final holiday of the summer has the same percentage of The holiday that officially kicks off the summer, Memorial Day sees a high number of people hitting the roads for the long weekend. The welcome warm weather and celebratory drinks leads to a number of drunk driving crashes. drunk driving deaths but a significantly higher number of fa- talities than Memorial Day. Many students see this as the last party weekend before heading back to school. Other AVG. # of Fatalities: Fatalities due to Drunk Driving: AVG. # of Fatalities: Fatalities due to Drunk Driving: Other Dangerous Factors: Dangerous Factors: • College students are • Final days for summer 161 40% 503 40% home from school travel before the start • Popular getaway weekend of school over 3 day weekend over 3 day weekend SUPER BOWL ST. PATRICK'S DAY HALLOWEEN в GINCO E MAYAO Another holiday that has a surprisingly low number of drunk driving crashes. Again, people do not get time off to celebrate, and many college students do not have access to cars While not a holiday per se, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest drinking days of the year, Though known for drinking, these unofficial when even the most casual fan heads out to holidays actually do not see an increase in fatal a Super Bowl party. In the hours following the game, there is a 41% increase in car crash car crashes. This is likely due to the fact that while at school. Due to high foot traffic and dark people do not have the day off from work or school. fatalities nationwide. costumes, Halloween sees the highest number of pedestrian deaths of any day in the year. KEEP YOURSELF SAFE Avoid the roads Call a Taxi or Choose a If you're going to an event or party, stay Ridesharing Services Designated Driver at a friend's place or book a hotel within walking distance IF YOU'RE TAKING A ROAD TRIP ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND Always wear a seat belt Be well rested Allow plenty of travel time Be wary of weather FACTS T0 KNOW: Drunk driving accidents cause an estimated $45 billion Average of 12,772 in annual damages %24 drunk driving fatalities per year since 1991. AUGUST August is the deadliest month to drive overall Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Tuesdays have the least fatalities Saturdays have the most car crash fatalities There's nothing wrong with getting in the holiday spirit, but use your best judgment about getting on the road-especially when other drivers may have been drinking. Don't become a statistic. AA ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS PeorEONAL LA corORAnON

Fatal Holidays: The Danger of Driving on Drinking Holidays

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Everybody loves the holidays, but statistically speaking, the holidays are the most dangerous times to be out on the road – even if you haven’t had a sip of alcohol. This infographic breaks down t...


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