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Fantasy Delivery Vehicles For Courier Drivers

FANTASY INSURANCE THE COST OF INSURING THE MOST FAMOUS VEHICLES OF ALL TIME High-speed pursuits, marauding gangs, and surface-to-surface missles are just some of the many obstacles faced by these well- known vehicles from film and TV. We've taken a look at just how much it would cost to insure each of these star motors. MAD MAX PURSUIT SPECIAL MAD MAX MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Main Force Patrol Officer AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 28 Widower (and Male angry about it) ACCIDENT CLAIMS Minor dings and body damage. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Dystopian future Frequently drives at high speeds with a murderous intent fon retribution. Australia ESTIMATED WAY MORE THAN MAX CAN ANNUAL COST AFFORD OF INSURANCE HERBIE: THE LOVE BUG THE LOVE BUG MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 1968 Volkswagen Beetle Bad Racing Car Driver AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 53 Late forties Married Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS Minor dents, a few instances of complete body separation and a single instance of auto-intoxication. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Sunny California Slightly manic driving tendencies. ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST 360 HUGS OF INSURANCE KITT (KNIGHT INDUSTRIES 2000) KNIGHT RIDER MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Modern-day Knight AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 30 Single Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS While involved in causing many accidents, no extensive damage has been done to the invincible KITT. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Foundation for Law & A penchant for fast racing and disorderly driving, car displays dominant tendencies. Government parking lot ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST £110,500 PER MONTH, OR THE OF INSURANCE PATENTS TO KITT'S TECHNOLOGY THE DELOREAN BACK TO THE FUTURE MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 Mad Scientist (Modified for time travel) AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 47 (though Presumed Male appears older) single ACCIDENT CLAIMS Frequent collisions with the space-time continuum. Often has flux capacitor and plutonium problems. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Shopping centre parking lot Never exceeds a speed of 88 mph but often leaves flaming tyre marks in its wake. ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST 2 TONNES OF PLUTONIUM OF INSURANCE BATMOBILE BATMAN RETURNS MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION Custom Automobile with a Jet Caped Crusader Turbine AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER Approx. 30 Bachelor Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS 48 hit-and-run incidents, 12 pedestrian sideswipes, and 4 drink-driving arges. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES A subterranean Frequently exceeds 150 mph with a vigilante style of driving. bat-filled cave ESTIMATED £200,000 IN GOTHAM CURRENCY ANNUAL COST OF INSURANCE THE BOND VEHICLE DIE ANOTHER DAY MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION Aston Martin v12 Vanquish Secret Agent AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER Single and looking Early 30s Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS Dents and bodywork damage; mostly gunfire-related accidents, including from a Gatling Gun mounted on an XKR Convertible. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES MI6 Headquarters Frequently drives at speeds above 100 mph and in areas that are less than hospitable, such as North Korea. ESTIMATED 12 CUSTOM ARMANI SUITS AND ANNUAL COST FIVE ROLEX GOLD WATCHES OF INSURANCE THE A-TEAM VAN THE A-TEAM MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION Mercenaries for the 1983 GMC Vandura Van General Good AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER Multiple Ages Unknown Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS Multiple hit and runs, usually with military police and Colonel Decker. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Multiple locations Tendency to burn rubber on acceleration and drive at high speeds in public areas. Tries to obey traffic laws when possible. 9 GOLD CHAIN NECKLACES AND 4'I PITY THE FOOLS' ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST OF INSURANCE ELEANOR GONE IN 60 SECONDS MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500 or "Eleanor" Master Car Thief AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 36 Single Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS Has been flagged as the subject of a theft and has slight alignment complications after flying over 20 cars on a bridge. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Back alleys of Los Angeles Complete disregard for most traffic signs, traffic laws and, well, any laws in general. ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST 6 'BORROWED' CLASSIC CARS OF INSURANCE THE MINIS THE ITALIAN JOB remake MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 2003 BMW Mini Cooper with the AERO body kit Retired Thief (with a vendetta) AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 207 ADA 34 Single Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS Slight body damage from driving down multiple staircases with rear suspension damage from multiple gold bricks. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES Reckless driving, mainly during post-robbery chases; has a penchant for synchronised driving. A warehouse in los angeles ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST 32 SOLID GOLD BARS OF INSURANCE TARDIS DR. WHO MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION Custom Space Craft Time Lord AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 900 YEARS+ Single Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS A few interstellar crashes and one unknown accident that has permanently damaged the chameleon circuit. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES The vehicle does not necessarily move but fades in and out through time. In space ESTIMATED THE PRICE OF A NEW SONIC ANNUAL COST OF INSURANCE SCREWDRIVER #46 DAYS OF THUNDER MAKE/MODEL OCCUPATION 1990 Mellow Yellow Chevy Racing Car Driven Luminas AGE OF DRIVER MARITAL STATUS GENDER 28 Single Male ACCIDENT CLAIMS Minor rear damage from an attempted on-track spin out. PARKING LOCATION DRIVING PRACTICES The side of the Driver has a history of risky driving manoeuvres, competitive nature, unable to control larger NASCAR stock cars. Daytona race track ESTIMATED 12 CORPORATE SPONSORS ANNUAL COST OF INSURANCE ON HIS STOCK CAR TCS - The Courier Specialists

Fantasy Delivery Vehicles For Courier Drivers

shared by billytrail on Sep 10
When you’ve got a parcel to deliver in a hurry, or some mean city streets to get through safely – you might want to consider upgrading your ride to one of these fantasy vehicles from film and TV. ...




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