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The Fantastic 5 Ways to Lower Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

The Fantastic 5 ways to lower your rates for young drivers. "Adding a teenage driver to your policy will often double your rates." Average Premium Cost Increases to Families By Adding a Teenager to Their Policy 100 90 99% 80 90% 82% 70 60 65% 50 40 30 20 10 Average Increase in Costs on Family Premium 16 Y/O 17 Y/O 18 Y/o 19 Y/O General Rules To Follow With a Teenager "When you add a 16-year-old female, the cost on that car will be two or as much as two and a half times the premium." "a 16-year-old boy will be three or three and a half times the family premium." The Fantastic 5. ways to lower your rates 1.) Raise the deductible If you trust your teen to drive safely (threaten their LIVES if they don'tt), then their car insurance premium can be lowered simply by raising their deductible-the amount they pay (or you pay) out of pocket in an accident. It does put more responsibility on your shoulders, so be certain that you trust your driver for the most part before you take this step. 2.) Get good grades This insurance premium decrease-er helps get cheap car insurance for teens through good grade discounts that are often provided by auto insurance companies. Work with your teen to get good grades and the reward will not only be proud parents, but also a lower insurance premium. 3.) Driver's Training Now, don't be insulted here, but no matter how good of a driver you are, sending your teen through some kind of driving school will lower their insurance premium. You might be a fantastic driver, but that paper certificate, once sent to the insurance company, will be able to save you hundreds of dollars. 4.) Drive a safe friendly car Cars that have anti-theft devices and extra safety features are looked upon kindly by car insurance agencies. If your teen drives a car with airbags, safety belt alarms, and other safety features, you'll make your insurance company happy and they'll lower your monthly premium. 5.) Your insurance policy Putting your child on your insurance policy may or may not save you money. So talk to your agent and figure this one out Some car insurance providers will lower your teen's monthly premium if he or she is listed as an occasional driver, or if your teen can take advantage of the multiple car discount. Be careful though because some companies will apply the extra cost of the teen's risk to each vehicle in your policy, so be sure to ask your specific insurance agent. Sources: http://finanoe y34 html .com/news/auto-insurance-premiums-increase- average- statistics-spike-insurance-rates-for-teen-drivers-115-percent-increase- in-utah/ rateDigest

The Fantastic 5 Ways to Lower Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

shared by kenei631 on Sep 28
Lowering car insurance premiums with teenagers in the house can prove to be quite a problem. With the average 16 year old increasing monthly premiums for U.S. families by an average of 99%, finding de...


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