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Facts About UK Speed Cameras

The Facts About UK Speed Cameras E65,748850 Area with the lowest number of speeding fines. Scotland with Glasgow & Strathkelvin in 2008-2009. E79,380. 60 E87,368,227 Fines from speeding and red light offences caught on speed cameras in the financial period 2008-09 in the UK (including fines from magistratesi courts for speeding offences and neglect of traffic directions in 2008) 1456137 drivers -20 100 E19,214,594 in Million Pounds 120 Fived penalties detected by cameras operated by safety camera partnerships in England and Wales. E1,641,630 Fines from magistratesi courts for speeding offences and neglect of traffic directions in England and Wales. £763,153 * Fines from speeding offences by the Scottish Courts in 2008-09. (6,265,860 Fixed penalties detected by speed cameras in Northern Ireland. A camera fines in 2008-2009 fatal and serious collisions Actual Casualty Rate and Predicted Casualty Rate on this section have risen Cat and Fiddle road AS37 Macclefield- by 127% in the last 3 years rising from 15 in 2003-2005 Buxton is the most dangerous road in Britain 900 - to 34 in 2006-2008, 800 700- Network of 6,000 speed cameras across the UK, 2,500 of them being mobile speed cameras. 600- s00- 400- Operation Cost 20,000 / unit or tA0,000 if located in a rural locatio. The system requires a 240v power supply. 300- Actual Casuaity Rate Projection based on 1979-1990 casualty 200- 100 - rates I LIII....... ........... 2003 1983 1988 1993 1998 The road casualty rate has declined at a slower rate since speed cameras were introduced in the early 1990s, compared to the rate prior to their introduction. It can be estimated that 1,555,244 more road casualties occurred between 1991-2007 than would have if the 1978-1990 trend had continued. The first camera network was installed in 1992 Signs usually displayed before Speed Camera Road Accident stats in Great Britain in 2008 Traffic Signal and Speed Cameras 0002538 People Died 0000007 People Died/Day 025000 O Were Injured 0032298 Total of Deaths (1999-2008) 00001ST Rank in Cause of death (people ages 5-35) Britain's most profitable speed near Victoria Station in Central London is collecting more than (150,000 a week Travelling by road far deadlier than going by train, plane or boat In just 3 months the camera has caught 6,123 drivers hitting them with Sources http://www.dt.govk/perroadatetyhecroadafetygrants http:/ depthv200/orashdetaultsm fines of f120 Former England captain His salary was less than E150,000 a week John Terry If the camera stays for a year it will have earned ttp:// Ntp//www.thisismoney.cou/bargains and rip oftu/monaring article htmiinaticle jdstosin page_ids3949 EBm for Tra sport for London. Breakdown Cover breakdountoverag

Facts About UK Speed Cameras

shared by IGEmp on Dec 28
Since U.K speed cameras were placed at lights across the U.K, motor accidents and such have lessened. This infographic takes a look to see if the U.K speed lights are effective and how much change the...


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