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Evolution of Flight: Man's Wonder

EVOLUTION OF FLIGHT MAN'S W ONDERS 1. the act, manner or power of flying flight\flit\n 2. the distance covered or the course taken by a flying object 3. a trip by an airplane, glider, etc. 4. one of Superman's powers OK, so number four may not be listed in the dictionary under flight, but it should be. Just poll 100 people off the street and see for yourself how many of them answer flight as their most wanted superpower. Here's a hint: It's a lot. The thing is, flight is one of nature and, up until about 100 years ago, mankind's greatest wonders. Seriously, they should change the Seven Wonders of the World to the Eight Wonders of the World. THE ONE MAN BAND Leonardo da Vinci did it all – painter, musician, scientist, inventor, geologist – you NOT QUITE AS COOL AS THE MARIO BROS. - BUT CLOSE name it; he did it. So it's no surprise he was among the first to not only study the theory of flight but to actually attempt it. Eat your heart out, Mona Lisa; we're talking about flight here. And what are you smiling at anyway? Also sporting thick ol' lip warmers minus the overalls, the Wright brothers are pinned for building the world's first successful airplane, as well as taking the first, controlled, powered and sustained human flight in 1903. THREE-AXIS WHAT? A SCHOOL OF FLIGHT What gave the Wright brothers their flight Thinking that the groundbreaking technology of flight would catch on like wildfire, W.G. Skelly breakthrough was the invention of the three-axis control, which allowed the aircraft to maintain its equilibrium. Did people even know what equilibrium was back then? founded Spartan Aviation and Flight School (now College of Aeronautics and Technology) in 1928. Since its founding, Spartan SPARTAN SPARTAN AIRCRAFT LTD. ISLE OF College has graduated more than 90,000 aviation technicians and pilots, making a significant influence on the world of aviation. WHEN THE SOUND'S TOO LOUD, BREAK IT! So the first man-controlled plane was created in 1903; 44 years later, the sound barrier is broken by Chuck Yeager in his plane, 90,000 PILOTS & AVIATION TECHNICIANS TRAINED AT SPARTAN SINCE 1928 "Glamorous Glennis." Breaking the sound barrier = recognition for eternity. Naming your plane after your wife = brownie points. Take note, gentlemen. "KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL OVERCOME SUPERSTITION AND LUCK" Spartan College's motto signified by the Spartan Black Cat and number 13. and Luck stition NO TRANSFORMERS ON THIS DARK SIDE OF THE MOON In 1959, during the heat of Cold War, the Soviet Union successfully launched and landed the Luna, the first THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL. WELL, LET'S HOPE NOT human-made object to land on the surface of the moon. Ten years later in an attempt to one-up the Soviets, America launched Apollo 11, The Airbus A380 surpassed the Boeing 747 in 2007 as the largest commercial airliner. It seats 525 passengers. Whew, that's a big boy. the first manned mission to the moon – all this only 66 years after the Wright brothers' breakthrough. There were six manned landings on the moon between 1969 and 1972 and numerous other unmanned landings since. Still no sightings of transforming robots or aliens ... yet. THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO CAN FIT ON THE AIRBUS A380 11tttittttt SPARTAN COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICS AAND TECHNOLOGY Sources http://dictionary http// com/the savvy boomer/2007/10/us-doesnt-want-htm 3) http:/ 1877/me-tulsa-aviation-flew-by-the-seat-of-his-pants /08/0808 050808 soundbarrier.html 4/nasa-plays-audio-time-capsule-of-historic-apolo-11-mission/apollo-11-lift-off rockets-and-space-aafts/89-apollo-11-mission-to-the-moon.html http://history.nasa.govlap11ann/kippsphotos/

Evolution of Flight: Man's Wonder

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This infograph outlines some of the more prominent historical events in the evolution of flight


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