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Evolution of the BMW M Series

THE EVOLUTION OF THE M SERIES MaUJ8449 2013 marks the 35th anniversary of the M Series BMW. Over the decades, the M badge has adorned some of the world's most popular cars. WHAT DOES THE 'M' MEAN? The M in M Gmbh stands for Motorsport and is considered a sure way of identifying genuine sports cars. HOW MANYM CARS HAVE BEEN PRODUCED? Since the M1 appeared in 1978, more than 300,000 M Series cars have been produced, with close to a hundred versions from across BMW's range of models. WHAT MAKES AN M SERIES? Let's compare key stats using the 3 Series convertible (335i) and it's M counterpart, the iconic M3 coupé: MECY 4547 3 Series Coupé M3 Coupé Acceleration (0-60) 5.5 s 4.8 s Acceleration (0-60) Performance (hp) 306 420 Performance (hp) Weight (kg) 1600 1655 Weight (kg) Fuel Consumption (MPG) Fuel Consumption (MPG) 34 23 Cost New £37,245 £54,720 Cost New EXTERIOR Carbon Aerodynamic exterior mirrors M power V8 Engine fibre roof Quad Exhausts 'Powerdome' engine hood M Compound brakes M Double Clutch Active M Transmission Differential Bumper Aluminium chassis Wheel Arches (Fenders) Side vents 18-inch double spoke wheels INTERIOR M Instrument M design iDrive Controller Cluster M gear lever M steering wheel M driver foot M seat with supports memory function 3 Exterior M badges 4 Interior M Badges One on the steering wheel, one on the gear stick and one on both front seat headrests. One on each side vent, and one on the boot. EN M SERIES STATS M1 M535i E12 M5 Sedan F10 Engine size 3453 cc Engine size 3453 cc Engine size 4395 cc V8 Horse Horse Horse 0-60 power 0-60 power 0-60 277 hp 7.5 s 215 hp power 560 hp 5.6 s 4.4 s Top speed 161 mph Top Torque 330 Nm torque at 5000 rpm speed 138 mph Torque 210 Nm torque at 4000 rpm Top speed Torque 680NM torque at 1500 rpm 155 mph M635CSİ E24 M6 Coupé F13 МЗ Е30 Engine size Engine size 4395cc V8 Engine size 2302 cc 3453 cc Horse Horse Horse 0-60 0-60 0-60 power 560 hp power power 6.3 s 286 hp 4.2 s 6.8 s 200 hp Top speed 158 mph Torque 340 Nm torque at 4500 rpm Top speed 155 mph Torque 680 Nm torque Top speed 142 mph Torque 240 Nm torque at 1500 rpm at 4750 rpm Z3 M E3 X6 M E71 M3 Coupé E92 Engine size 3999 cc Engine size 3201 cc Engine size 4395 cc V8 Horse Horse Horse 0-60 power 0-60 0-60 power 321 hp power 555 hp 4.8 s 420 hp 5,4 s 4.7 s Top speed 155 mph Torque 400 Nm torque Top speed 155 mph Torque 350 Nm torque Top speed 155 mph Torque 680 Nm torgque at 8300 rpm at 3250 rpm at 1500 rpm Engine size Horse 0-60 power The M1 has the highest top speed featured here, as subsequent M series models have electronic The M5 Sedan and M6 Coupé have the greatest horse-power here thanks to their S63 4.4-litre V8 limiters placed on them, preventing them from exceeding 155mph. twin-scroll, twin-turbo Top Torque engines. speed 1978 - 1981 M1 1978–1981 M1 First shown at the Paris motor show, it was the first car produced by BMW Motorsport. It was built to replace the 3.0CSL touring car to compete with the Porsche 935, but production problems kept it from international competition until it was uncompetitive. 1979 - 2013 M5 1979-1981 M535i E12 The first M5 was the M535i E12. Released in 1979, it was the first real M Series meant for ordinary drivers. Optionals included fog lights, headlights washer/wipers and leather upholstery. M:AM 4452 BMW have produced eight M5 variants over the years and continue to do so. 2013 M5 Sedan F10 1983 - 2013 M6 1983-1989 M635CSİ E24 The first M6 was released in 1983, based on the E24 6 Series. Though it was never officially labelled M in Europe, all North American versions were officially named "M6". Options included metallic paint, leather upholstery, air conditioning, power front seats, etc. Today, M6 variants are still going strong with two new variants currently available. 2013 M6 Coupé F13 MCMM 6847 1986 - 2013 M3 1986-1990 МЗ Е30 1986 saw production begin on the first generation of M3 cars based on the 3 Series E30. Seven versions were developed with slight mechanical variations. The latest M3's were developed in 2007 and end production in 2013. MIST 7172 2007-2013 M3 Coupé E92 Last ever produced in 2013, the final car was Orange. The car which prompted Jeremy Clarkson to announce it was a masterpiece. 1996 - 2002 Z3 M 1996-2002 Z3 M E36 Roadster The Z3 M's were BMW-M developed versions of the Z3 standard models. The Z3 is much maligned by some car enthusiasts and reviewers for bad aesthetics and sub-par build quality. A Z3 was used as the Bond car in Golden Eye. 1882 Compared to other M models, variations on standard and optional features were very small. 2009 - 2013XM 2009-2013 X6 M E71 The X M models were the first all-wheel-drive models to offer the same performance, dynamic driving experience and premium quality of a BMW M product. BMW promised never to make a 4WD version, a promise on which they reneged a few years later. AL WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR THE M SERIES? 2014 M4 2013 marks the end of production for the M3 Coupé. It will be replaced by the new M4. The new name and reports that no manual transmission version will be produced have caused controversy. The M4 will début in 2014 in Frankfurt. The iconic M series has always been a symbol of luxury and appreciation for what a car can be. Its outstanding commitment to car perfection has led to it being viewed as more than just a car, but as a work of automotive art. SOURCES PRESENTED BY M1 – M5 35i – M5 Sedan - 24/7 carfinance M6 35CSİ - M6 Coupé F13 – M3 E30 – M3 Coupé E92 – & 23 M E36 Roadster – Z3 M E37 Coupé - X6 M E71 – 3 Series comparison – M3 comparison – Art cars - M4 - Fastest M cars – Most powerful – Production and versions

Evolution of the BMW M Series

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In celebration of BMW's all-new M4 concept unvieling, we take a look a look at how the iconic performance division has evolved since it took the market by storm in 1978 with the flat nosed legend, the M1.





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