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Evolution of the Auto Mechanic Career in Quebec

EVOLUTION OF THE AUTO MECHANIC CAREER IN QUEBEC 1896 >> Low production runs, spare parts difficult to find, no auto repair shops: owner maintains vehicle with repairs by the local plumber, machinist or blacksmith. George Foote Foss from Sherbrooke, Quebec builds the first successful gasoline-powered automobile in Canada. 1900 WOOH! 1904 1906 The Automobile Club of Canada is founded in Montreal, eventually becoming CAA-Quebec. Chauffeur-mechanics employed to drive and maintain vehicles, often using their specialized knowledge to get better pay and go out for joyrides. 1913 1920s Ford's assembly line, mass production and parts standardization allows vehicle repair industry to grow - Canada becomes the world's second largest car producer. Since repairs were billed by the time taken, good mechanics make a big cost difference. Standard repair times introduce more market stability. 1930s AUTO MECHANICS WANTED Depression-era mechanics aren't paid guaranteed daily wage but split labour charges with employer. Mechanics spend days waiting for work and often go home with little or no pay. 1942 Bombardier founded in Valcourt, Quebec as a snowmobile maker, later becoming multinational manufacturer of aircraft and other vehicles, creating new opportunities for auto mechanics. 1950s Flat Rate system dominates booming post-WW2 economy, where only billable hours are compensated. Inefficiencies with workplace organization directly impacts mechanic's earnings. BODY SHOP REPAIR SHOP MONTREAL 1960s Increasing automotive complexity demands cross-functional technical skills in mechanics and more specialized roles. 1967 Innovations at Montreal's Expo 67 include Alfa Romeo's concept car representing the aspirations of man the motorist, known as "the Montreal". 2000 Fabriqué au Québec Computerization and emerging technologies lead to new technician specialist positions, working with hybrid engines, electric systems and much more. 2014 Made-in-Quebec supercar, the Felino, debuts at the Montreal International Auto Show, inspiring future generations of auto mechanics. Automotive 1-877-725-6026 (514) 725-6026 f y in 8 TRAINING CENTRES

Evolution of the Auto Mechanic Career in Quebec

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It has been a long road to reach today’s level of highly qualified automotive mechanics, but did you know about Quebec’s role in the development of the auto industry? This infographic gives an int...




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