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The Evolution of The American Van

The Evolution of The AMERICAN VAN 1968 Full Size Van 1983 Minivan 1940 Panel Van In 1983, Chrysler introduced the first minivans to the United States. The vans were geared 1990 Sprinter Van The first full size van was the 1969 Ford Ecoline. These vans The small sprinter filled a growing need for smaller 2010 Electric Van The panel van was 1800s Horse and Cart toward families because of their "car like" interior, but were smaller than a had a very heavy hauling capacity. The Ecoline featured The electric traditional van and commercial vans adopted by many businesses for things like shuttle services and delivery services. van allows offered cargo that could perform just like a standard companies to transport with added agility. The first real four- components from reduce their wheeled vehicle to Ford's F-Series pickup car. carbon foot-print allow the carriage trucks. and of several people and goods. 1970 overall CO2 Step Van emissions. 1960 Camper Van The first step van was the first van to offer increased storage, making it ideal 2010 Transit Mini-Van The iconic camper van first appeared in the 60s and allowed for the transport of both cargo 1920 Tatra 12 Van for commercial use. Named for the ease The transit mini-van was small and light wegith but was still a decent size to carry stuff. It also got great gas mileage. with which one can step in and out of it. The Tatra 12 Van was featured 4 and speeds plus reverse and drum brakes on all passengers. wheels. It was the first genuine motorized van. 1980 1970 1983 1960 AVERAGE MONTHLY FUEL OSTS $227 Per Month Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6L - V6 $267 Per Month Chevrolet Express 4.3L - 6cyl Cargo $297 Per Month Ford E-150/E-250 4.6L V-8 $319 Per Month Chevrolet Express 5.3L $319 Per Month Ford E-150 XL/XLT 4.6L V-8 $344 Per Month Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana 2500 4.8L V-8 $344 Per Month Ford E-350 5.4L V-8 $372 Per Month Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana 3500 4.8 L V-8 GAS PRICES OVER THEYEARS $3.26 $3.23 24 $1.38 $0.17 PAYLOADS & CVANH TOWING CAPACITIES | Payloads (How much weight a van can carry) | Towing (How much weight a van can pulD 3 Yr. Cost to own the van 15,000 Ibs 10,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 10.000 Ibs 7,300 Ibs 7,400 Ibs 10,000 Ibs 6,700 Ibs 5,000 Ibs 5,000 Ibs 3,600 Ibs 4,147 Ibs 3,262 Ibs 4,020 lbs 3,613 Ibs 3,450 lbs 3,220 lbs 2,306 lbs 1,500 Ibs O Ibs Dodge Grand Caravan AVP Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet Express Cargo G2500 Dodge Sprinter Cargo 2500 Ford E-150 Ford E-250 Ford E-350 Express Cargo G1500 Express Cargo G350 Cargo Cargo Cargo MAINTENANCE FOR VANS 3,000 Miles V Maintenance BUCKLE UP DRIVE SAFE • Change engine oil and filter • Replenish fluids • Check for fluid leaks • Inspect tires for wear/damage • Check Interior for Water Leaks • Check exterior clearance & warning lights 12,000 Miles Maintenance DRIVE SAFE - BUCKLE UP • Change fuel filter • Inspect brakes, adjust rear brake shoes • Service transmission, change filter and automatic transmission fluid • Inspect and lubricate lift • Check alternator output, battery condition •Inspect chassis • check drive/ serpentine belt(s) • Change air filter • Service A/C, evacuate system, check for leaks, re-charge system SOURCES: Brought to you by American truck.html http://www.businessí 2000 2010 1990 - 0561 1920 1880 2009 2006 2003 CAS 2000 1997 1994 1991 1988 1985 1982 1979 1976 1973 1970 1967 1964 1961 %24 1958 1955 1952 1949 1946 1943 1940 1937 1934 1931 1928 1925 1922 1919

The Evolution of The American Van

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The van has made a tremendous impact on American society over the years. Have you ever wondered how the working van has evolved? The first real four-wheeled vehicle that allowed the carriage of severa...


American Van


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