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Is An EV For Me?

IS AN EV FOR ME?9 The future of electric vehicles has arrived. With good design, superb performance, great value, and practical driving ranges, electric vehicles are here and charging ahead. ARE YOU READY TO INVEST IN AN EV? Find out by answering these 5 questions: START Are you familiar with the various types of EVs on the market? NO Did you know? The 2015 Kia Soul EV is a 100% Battery Electric Vehicle. YES Plug-In Electric Vehicles Do you know where to charge an EV? BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle 100% electric motor. Battery-powered. Plug-in to charge. Zero tailpipe emissions. PHEV - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Electric motor + gas engine. Plug-in to charge. Reduced emissions. At Home EREV - Extended Range Electric Vehicle Electric motor + gas generator. Battery-powered. Plug-in to charge. Gas to drive extra distances. High cost. NO YES H 50% of all vehicles park overnight next to 120v plugs At Work 63,000: Projected annual sales of workplace chargers to be sold in the United States by 202014 HEV - Hybrid Electric Vehicle Electric motor + gas engine. Non-plug-in. Reduced emissions. FCEV - Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 100% electric motor. Fuel cell powered. H, fueling station to charge. Zero tailpipe emissions. On the Road Rapidly expanding public charging network With 8,5 19 public charging stations 2014 With 20,738 240v and 480v outlets Did you know there is more than one way to charge an EV? Did you know? The Kia Soul EV comes standard with a DC Fast Charge port in addition to Level 1 and Level 2 charging options." NO YES Level 1-120v AC 4 Did you know most daily commutes are less than 1/2 the range of most BEVS? 100% charge in Plug-in anywhere Standard wall outlet 18-24 hours from empty Level 2 - 240v AC 44 24 miles Average daily vehicle commute in the US' 100% charge in Home, work, or public stations Large home appliances such as electric dryer 3-5 hours from emptu 76 -103 miles Estimated driving range for EV before charging DC Fast Charge - 480v DC volts 4444 80% charge in about 20-30 min from empty 1% of all household vehicle trips are greater than 100 miles0 Public stations and commercial use NO YES NO Reduced Fuel Spending Save on tax incentives & rebates Are you aware of the range of big benefits that come from owning an EV? YES Low Maintenance No oil changes, less mechanical parts Eco-friendly Reduces CO? footprint Did you know? Perks and Benefits HOV Carpool sticker in applicable states, reserved parking in participating locations Yes, an EV is a good match for me! The 2015 Kia Soul EV can save you up to $7,500 in federal tax credit savings? WHICH EV IS RIGHT FOR ME? The EV market is growing fast, but the KIA Soul EV stands out among others. Starting MSRP EPA Average Mile Range Standard Level 3 DC Fast-Charge Battery kWh Passenger Volume ft Powertrain/Battery UL Environment Warranty" Valdation 27 97.1 10yr/ 100k 2015 (KIAD Kia Soul EV TBA TBA 10yr/ 100k $22,995 62 16 85 Syr/60k (х 2014 Mitsubishi l-MIEV 8yr/ 10k $25,000 68 17.6 45.4 4yr/SOk O smart 2014 х Smart ForTWO ED 4yr/S0k $26,685 82 21 86 Syr/100k 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV х OPTIONAL CHEVROLET 8yr/100k $ 29,010 84 92.4 Syr/60k 2015 NISSAN Nissan Leaf х OPTIONAL 8ur/100k 2015 $31,800 87 24 79 4yr/S0k FIRT х х Fiat 500e 8ur/100k $35.170 76 23 Syr/60k 2014 Ford Focus Electric х х Ford 8ur/100k 2014 We-Golf 85 24 (х TBD TBD 4yr/S0k 2014 BMW 13 S41,350 72 188 х х OPTIONAL 8yr/100k $41,450 4yr/S0k 87 х 2014 8yr/100k Mercedes-Bena Mercedes B-Class ED $69,900 208 60 94 4yr/S0k 2014 TESLA Tesla Model S 60 kWh х OPTIONAL 8ur/125k PLAN TO DISCONTINUE $49,800 103 41.8 Syr/60k 2015 Toyota RAV4 EV х O TOYOTA 8ur/100k PLAN TO DISCONTINUE $36,625 82 20 Syr/60k 2015 Honda Fit EV х Syr/60k 2015 Soul EV KIA FULLY CHARGED. 120/92 MPG" CitylHwy Designed for Comfort 105 MPG Combined Iconic Kia Soul styling with modern interior finishes > Low profile underbody battery maximizes passenger volume Remotely Connect Made Eco-Friendly VALIDATED D UVO EV Services and App provide: > Real-time driving range data > First vehicle to receive UL Validation 19 Interior parts made of bio materials INTERIOR > Charging Station Finder > Remote charging, climate-control and lock/unlock doors > Zero tailpipe emissions Powered for Performance Engineered for Efficiency Exceptional Soul Safety > Standard heat pump system to drive further, comfortably > 210 lb-ft. instant torque > Six-airbag system > 109 horsepower > Quiet and Smooth electric motor > Improved aerodynamics and Super Low Rolling Resistance Tires to help maximize range > 5 additional crossbeams to support and protect the battery > Ultra high-strength steel for improved structural rigidity THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OUTLOOK OF EVs 2,700,000 U.S. Plug-in EVs on the road by 2023" 6,600,000 Worldwide all EVs (includes HEV, PHEV, BEVS) sales by 202012 199,000 DC fast charging stations worldwide by 202013 $7.5 billion U.S. Federal grants and loans to promote EVs by 20194 KIA To find out more about the Soul EV, please visit Sources 1.http://rhts.ornlgov/2009/pub/stt.pdf 2. 3. php?ht-d/sp//20952/pid/20952 4. 18020130131 5.http://www.lea.or 6. w/feg/taxevbsh tml kations/dobalevoutiook_2013.pdf 7. 8.As of Juy 2014. sultsutf8-KE2%9C%938location-8filtered truesfuel-ELECSowneralispayment-alsev_level1-truesev_level2-truesev_de_fast-true&radius_miles-5 9. 10.http://www.fhwa dot gov/policyinformation/pubs/pl08021/ 11. 12. 13. 14. s-electric-vehicles-set-rise-nea arging- -the-world-unite-for-ev-charging "Disdaimers All model comparisons for the 2014 Smart For TWO ED, 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV, 2015 Nissan Leaf, 2015 Flat 500e, 2014 We-Golf, 2014 Ford Focus Electric, 2014 BMW 13, 2014 Mistubishi -MEV, 2014 Mercedes B-Class ED, Tesla Model S with prices as of August 2014, as per respective competitor website and Autosource CAR. Online Database. While Kia Motors America ("KMA") make al reasonable efforts to ensure that all information is correct, accuraaj cannot be guaranteed and KMA does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or authenticity of any information contained here. All information contained herein was accurate and cor rect at the time of publishing. From time to time, KMA may need to update or make changes to the vehicle features and other vehide information reported here Soul EV will be a Imited production model sold in select U.S. markets. 4-5 hours based on Kia Motors Corporation testing with compatible SAE J1772 charger performed at 6.6 kW 80% charge in 33 minutes is based on Kla Motors Corporation testing with a compatible 50 kw CHAdeMO charger. Underwriters Labor atories (UL) Environment validations provide third-party credibility to environmental daims. Learn more at EPA range based on EPA estimates. Actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits and your vehicle's condition. MSRP for base model. MSRP exdudes destination and handling taxes, title, icense fees, options and retailer charges. Actual prices set by retailer and may vary.The Kia 10-Year/100.000 mile warrantu program includes various warranties and roadside assistance. Warranties include Powertrain and the New Vehide Limited Warrantu (Basic), Al warranties and roadside assistance are limited. See retailer for details or go to Warning: Driving while distracted can result in a loss of vehicle control that may lead to an accident, severe personal injury and death. The driver's primary responsibility is in the safe and legal ooeration of a vehicle, and use of anu handheld devices, other equioment or vehicle sustems which take the driver's eues, attention and focus awau from the safe operation of a vehicle or that are not permissible by law should never be used during operation of the vehicle. Apple iPhone and select Android devices orly are UVO eServices compatible. IPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc Android-is a trademark of Google Inc. No subscription fee for UVO eServices. No charge for the UVO eServices app. App uses your smartphone cellular data service. Normal cellular service rates will apply. 2015 Soul EV Plus available in select trims and markets with limited availability. Optional features shown. Not all optional features available on al trims. Some features may vary 02014 Kia Motors America, Inc. 2015 Soul EV shown

Is An EV For Me?

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The future of electric vehicles has arrived. With good design, superb performance, great value, and practical driving ranges, electric vehicles are here and charging ahead.




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