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Enjoy the Journey: 107 Sensational Facts and 25 Sensational Years with the Mazda Miata

Enjoy THE JOURNEY 107 Amazing Facts & 25 Sensational Years with the Mazda Miata 1989 Anyone who gave out car honors in to the Miata including Motor Trend, J.D. Power, Fortune, Popular Science, Newsweek, TIME, and even Playboy. 989 gave one • The Dalai Lama wins the Nobel Peace Price • Pete Rose is banned form baseball for gambling • Seinfeld and The Simpsons airs on Fox • One of the 5 best cars on Earth- Road and Track • Applauded by Time Magazine for design in "Best of the Decade" section. • Voted “Most Fun to Drive" in “Cars for 1990" by Playboy Magazine. 1990 Nintendo Game Boy released in North America Discovery Space Shuttle Discovery places the Hubble Telescope in orbit 1991 Nelson Mandela walks out of prison where he had been since 1964 The Internet is made available and unrestricted as 1 million computers connect Blame it on the rain! Mili Vanill's producer reveals that the duo was lip-syncing on their Grammy-winning album 1992 Nickelodeon debuts three cartoons - Doug, The Ren & Stimpy Show and Rugrats The Mall of America in Minnesota is constructed, spanning 78 acres • Nirvana releases the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" MALL OF AMERICA 1993 • First confirmed terrestrial extrasolar exoplanets • Clinton is elected US president Ty Warner launches Beanie Babies 1994 First Episode of Friends airs • Dallas Cowboys crush the Buffalo Bills 52-17 in the Super Bowl • CERN creates the World Wide Web • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed into law by US President Bill Clinton FRIENDS The Channel Tunnel, which took 15,000 workers over seven • years to complete, and is 31 miles long joining France and England opens 1995 • Brazil wins the World Cup Steve Fossett becomes the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon • The Shawshank Redemption and Forest Gump debut • First Sony Play Station is launched o 1996 In 1995, the Microsoft Windows technology also took off with the introduction of Windows 95 Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal to be successfully cloned • Pete Sampras wins Wimbledon • Golden Eye & Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls premier • The Summer Olympics are held in Atlanta, United States • Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl • N64 officially launched 1997 A blank year: the 1999-labeled Miata was introduced and sold in 1997, meaning there is no sosh thing as a '98 Miata. Mars Pathfinder lands on the surface of Mars IBM's Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov, the first time a computer defeated a chess grand master in a match Tiger Woods at 21 years old became the youngest ever golfer to win the Masters 1998 South Park Debut, The Titanic, Men in Black, and Tomorrow Never Dies premiers Google Google is founded and Furby named toy of the year 1999 Mattel's Barbie Doll celebrates her 40th Birthday Michael Jordan & the Chicago Bulls win the NBA Championship for a 3rd time in a row • Europeans agree on a single currency the Euro That 70's show debuts. Saving Private Ryan & Armageddon premier. • Companies fear Y2K and the millennium bug • The human population of the world surpassed six billion 2000 U.S. women's soccer team wins the FIFA Women's World Cup champions Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France Dot Com Bubble bursts 2001 • The World's largest Ferris Wheel (The London Eye) opens Tiger Woods becomes the youngest player to win a Grand Slam in Golf • 51 million viewers watch the first season finale of "Survivor" The Miata has long been a popular choice among members of the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). In 2001, Peter Raymond's '99 won the BS Solo II| National Championship. Top 13 were also Miatas. 52 of the top 56 were also Miatas. 9/11 attack shakes America • Apple releases the iPod • Wikipedia goes online 2002 • The world loses legendary race car driver Dale Earnhardt Kelly Clarkson named fırst winner of "American Idol" First Harry Potter movie debut, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone American Idol 2003 The Mars Odyssey finds signs of water ice deposits on planet Mars Finding Nemo hits theaters • Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Golden Jubilee 2004 • Tragedy strikes with the Columbia Space Shuttle crash • Americans rename "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries" • The last old-style Volkswagen Beetle rolls off its production line • Sammy Sosa hits his 500th career home run Shrek 2 is the highest grossing film at $919,838,758 • Lance Armstrong wins his 6th consecutive Tour De France 2005 • Facebook is launched for Harvard students • The Google IPO raises $1.67 billion Disneyland celebrates its 50th birthday George Bush defeats Democratic candidate John Kerry to gain his second term in office. Lance Armstrong wins his 7th consecutive Tour De France 2006 Hurricane Katrina strikes the Louisiana, ultimately flooding roughly 80% of the city of New Orleans • Disneyland celebrates its 50th birthday Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants Breaks the record held by Babe Ruth and hits his 715th home run on May 28th to pass Babe Ruth on the all time greatest list 2007 Apple Introduces the iPhone & The final Harry Potter book is published • The one-billionth song is purchased from Apple iTunes. • Google purchases YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock. Nancy Pelosi is elected as the first female Speaker of the US Congress 2008 Barack Obama is Elected President & Michael Phelps wins 8 Gold medals in the Beijing Summer Olympics 2009 The world loses Michael Jackson The New York Giants upset the heavily favored and previously unbeaten New England Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII. • Google releases their rival to the iPhone, the Android. Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLI| against Arizona Cardinals 2010 • The movie "Up" debuts 2011 The world's tallest building (Burj Khalifa in Dubai) opens up and Apple releases iPad and iPhone4 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Spain wins World cup in South Africa • Justin Bieber is most popular Entertainer The 900,000th Miata was produced in February 2011, re-upping its Guinness World Record. 2012 Green Bay Packers win Superbowl XLV • The space shuttle Discovery retires and Steve Jobs dies • Osama Bin Laden gets killed by Navy SEALS • Prince William and Kate Middleton get married Summer Olympics take place in London and Michael Phelps becomes most decorated Olympian 2013 ever Curiosity Rover lands on Mars, Microsoft releases Windows 8, and Facebook goes public Edward Snowden leaks NSA secrets, Walking Dead is the most popular TV show, and Miley Cyrus is the most talked about pop culture icon • Barrack Obama is re-elected • The world loses Whitney Houston O 2014 • Germany wins the World Cup Dubai sets Guinness world record for most fireworks. The history-making performance saw 479,651 shells fired in just six minutes on New Year's Eve, at a rate of almost 80K shells per minute and 1,332 fıreworks per second Sony releases Playstation 4, Microsoft releases Xbox One, Twitter goes public, Apple releases 5C and 5S • Lance Armstrong admits to doping The Fault in Our Stars, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past are released in theatres Mazda Miata 2014: The best deals are uritten by Uhitten The 25th Anniversary Edition sold out in V HITTENBROTHERS ten minutes. SOURCES:

Enjoy the Journey: 107 Sensational Facts and 25 Sensational Years with the Mazda Miata

shared by JLBoland on Oct 31
A Richmond, VA Mazda dealer, Whitten Mazda, had this infographic created to celebrate the Mazda Miata's 25-year history by highlighting pop culture events that've defined the years since the Miata's i...


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