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Engine Oil Labels Explained MICKS GARAGE.COM THE CAR PARTS EXPERTS SAE 5W30 MICKSİGARAGE COM THE EAE PARTL s API SN/CF 5W30 LOW SAPS SEMI-SYNTHETIC ACEA C3 VW504.00/507.00 MB-Approval 229.51 BMW LL-04 PORSCHE C30 LONGLIFE ENGINE OIL C3 5L Pack Size: Generally, oil is retailed in 1 litre, 4 litre or 5 litre packs Manufacturers own codes. This oil Meets W, BMW, Mercedes & Porsche's specifications C1, C2, C3 or C4 are ACEA codes for ols with low ash content, suitable for cars with DPF's. Check you manual to see which 'C' code your car needs if it is fitted with a DPF These codes are sometimes displayed with the ACEA prefix and sometimes without. They relate to the oils sulphated ash content and its suitability to be used with Diesel Particulate Filters Oil deteriorates with use. Longlife oils have enhanced additive packages which effectively extend their usable life. Low SAPS means Low sulfated ash, phosphorus- sulphur. Low SAPS oils are specifically blended for diesels engines fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters and and petrol engines with 3 way catalytic converters A longlife oil can still be used in a car on a regular service interval There are three core types of engine oil on the market: Mineral, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic. Mineral oil is the cheapest, Synthetic oil is the most expensive, Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of mineral and synthetic The ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturer's Association) and the API (American Petroleum Institute) codes are alternative numbering systems from equivalent asociations in different countries to the SAE, The SAE is generally considered the standard in this part oil of the world. This is the SAE code. The first part of the code (5W) refers to the viscosity of the oil and its ability to flow at cold temperatures. 5W is suitable for use up to -25 degrees C. The second part of the code (30) refers to the oils 'hot operating viscosity at 100 degrees C. Check your owners manual to see what SAE code your car needs SAE simply stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers, the organisation responsible for defining a numerical system for grading car oils.. Sometimes the oils Viscosity grade will be prefixed with SAE and sometimes it won't! MICKSIGARAGE.COM THE CAR PARTS EXPERTS


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Engine Oil labeling is confusing. Fact! Different countries and regions use different labeling systems, There are loads of different viscosity’s, you have Mineral, Synthetic and Semi-synthetic, long...




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