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Driving Safely in the Presence of Bicyclists

DEFENSIVE DRIVING DRIVING SAFELY COMEDY IN THE PRESENTS PRESENCE OF BICYCLISTS "I hate cars when I'm on my bike but then I hate bikes when I'm in my car." DRIVER'S MINDSET THEY NEVER USE TURN SIGNALS. THEY ALWAYS RIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. THEY RIDE IN PACKS. THEY NEVER STOP AT STOP SIGNS. THEY MAKE ME HAVE TO DRIVE AROUND THEM According to a field study by the city of Portland, Poegon Get out of my way!! 7% STOP Bicyclists come to a complete stop at stop signs only 7 percent of the time. RIGHT TO Many motorists have a superior attitude towards cyclists and feel that they have more right to the road, or that perhaps, due to the increased THE ROAD size and robustness of their vehicles, they can bully cyclists into get- ting their own way. WHAT TO DO Do not pass bicyclists if you will be making a right turn immědiatěly afterward. Don't blast your horn when approaching bicyclists-you could startle them and cause an accident. According to the Transportation Research Board: Average accident rate for commuter cyclists is 37.1 crashes at approximately 621,000 miles, or one accident every 8.7 years. 3x lululılılılılılılalılal. Allow three feet of passing space between the right side of your vehicle and a cyclist. Reduce your speed when passing cyclists, especially if the roadway is narrow. Before opening your car door, look for bicyclists who may be approaching. BASIC ROAD SAFETY GUIDELINES BIKE RIDERS HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS ON THE ROAD AS DRIVERS. I'll start signaling my turns. I'll give you three feet of space. Sources: ow INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY NationalPositions COMEDY DEFENSIVE Profitable Internet Marketing DRIVING

Driving Safely in the Presence of Bicyclists

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As a motorist on the road, you may have encountered a few bicyclists during your afternoon commute back home, and most likely, you were annoyed and irritated by them. Zooming around past you, driving ...


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