Driving Manual Infographic

STATE OF NEW JERSEY MOTOR VEHICLE COMMISSION ENTERING HIGHWAYS, PARKWAYS AND TURNPIKES PASSING A motorist must know the proper lane for normal driving and how to change lanes safely. The rules for passing depend on the type of road. Stay to the right of the roadway's center lines. Passing is only safe when there is no oncoming traffic. Watch for the following lane markings: (N.J.S.A. 39:4-86) • Both center lines are solid: No passing allowed. One center line is broken: Passing is allowed only on the side with the broken line. Both center lines are broken: Passing is allowed on both sides. USE TURN SIGNAL PASS WHEN LINE IS BROKEN SPEED UP TO FLOW OF TRAFFIC Highways, parkways and turnpikes are high-speed (up to 65 mph) divided гоadway travel in roadway used by traffic al DO NOT PASS " STOP FOR SCHOOL BUSES (N.J.S.A. 39:4-128.1) A motorist must stop for a school bus with flashing red lights. Stat motorists to stop at least 25 feet away if he/she is traveling on a tw on a multi-lane highway where lanes are only separated by lines or maintained road. When traveling on a dual-lane highway, a motorist 10 mph if on the other side of a safety island or raised median. WHEN LINE IS SOLID Keep the • Obe NO PASSING • Spe • Avo WITH DOUBLE • Yiek SOLID LINES 25 Feet Left turn from a two-way road onto a four-lane highway: Approach the turn as close to the center line of the right side of the road as possible. Make the turn before reaching the center of the intersection. 25 Feet It is important not to cross lane markings. The motorist should turn into the lane nearest the center line of the right side of the other road. This is the passing lane of the four-lane highway. When traffic permits, the motorist should move to the right, out of the passing lane. CARS MUST STOP 25 FEET AWAY FROM SCHOOL BUS School buses are equipped with yellow (or amber) and red flashir DON'T YIELD TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC TURN WIDE THE 3-POINT TURN (K TURN) USE TURN SIGNAL © New Jersey MVC 2007 / Infographics by DRIVER SAFETY & THE RULES OF THE ROAD

Driving Manual Infographic

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This infographic from the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission shows the proper way to enter highways, parkways and turnpikes correctly. Read more of this educational pamphlet to learn more in...




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