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The Driver's Guide to Safety On the Road

THE DRIVER's GUIDE TO SAFETY ON THE ROAD SAFE DRIVING TIPS DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE cl More than 30% of fatalities from car accidents involve intoxicated drivers WATCH YOUR SPEED Driving the speed limit is safe, legal, and fuel-efficient PUT THE PHONE DOWN SPEED LIMIT 50 Your reaction time slows by as much as 20% when you're using a cell phone 50 10 90 MPH BUCKLE UP To put it simply, seat belts save lives KEEP YOUR DISTANCE Don't follow other cars to0 closely in case of sudden turns or stops BE CAUTIOUS Stay alert, watch for changing road conditions, and be wary of other drivers MAINTAIN YOUR VEHICLE Your mechanic can spot any issues that might compromise your safety IF You'RE IN AN ACCIDENT KEEP YOUR COOL Check for injuries and keep calm to remain in control DON'T ADMIT FAULT STRESSED Talk business-only to the other driver, and don't admit any wrongdoing VISIT ThE DOCTOR Even if you feel fine, you may have injuries that are not yet causing symptoms INFO PLEASE USE YOUR CELL PHONE Take pictures of any injuries immediately, as well as of the crash itself DocUMENT THE ACCIDENT Jot down notes about the accident so you don't forget important details GET A POLICE REPORT You'll need this when you file your insurance claims FILE A CLAIM Contact your insurance company with the details of your accident SCHEDULE REPAIRS Bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to repair any damage B&L INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: B & LAUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS, INC. automotive repairs, inc. www.COLLISIONREPAIRSCHICAGO.COM SOURCES: HTTP://AUTO.HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM/CAR-DRIVING-SAFETY/ACCIDENTS-HA- ZARDOUS-CONDITIONS/10-SAFE-DRIVING-TIPS.HTM#PAGE=1 HTTP://www.PROGRESSIVEAGENT.COM/ARTICLES/STEPS-TO-TAKE-AF- TER-AN-ACCIDENT.ASPX HTTP://www.DMV.ORG/INSURANCE/FIRST-STEPS-FOLLOWING-A-PERSON- AL-INJURY-AUTO-ACCIDENT.PHP FREAKED CALA

The Driver's Guide to Safety On the Road

shared by BrittSE on Dec 23
After a car accident, use a cell phone to take pictures of any injuries or damage from the crash and file a police report to help with insurance claims. Check out this infographic for more information...


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