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Driverless Cars will Soon Make Nerve-Wracking Commute a Past

DRIVERLESS CARS WILL SOON MAKE NERVE-WRACKING COMMUTE A PAST BY 2030 Drivers will be passengers in their own car. The driverless cars will add up billions to the economy and save hundreds of lives. If UK continues embracing autonomous cars and the technology it incorporates, by 2030, the driverless cars will: Give rise to Add Save as many as 320,000 £51 BN 2,500 new job opportunities in the UK a year to the economy lives by preventing serious accidents of the untry Driverless cars come with several advantages. All cars will be connected People in autonomous cars need not control the vehicle The cars can navigate away from the urban centres if not and communicate with each in use, thus freeing much other, thereby preventing traffic snarls. and thus can spend the time in other activities. space. If a fleet of autonomous cars replace the gas powered personal cars, here's what will happen: 90% LESS 100% LESS greenhouse gas oil consumption emission AUTONOMOUS CAR FORECASTS So when will the driverless cars make itself available in the market? PREDICTIONS: Ford The CEO OF FORD anticipates fully autonomous cars by 2020. Next-generation AUDI A8 will offer completely autonomous driving in 2017. Audi TESLA TESLA CEO expects autonomous cars to be available by 2023. JAGUAR and LAND-ROVER will provide completely autonomous cars by 2024. LAOVER JAGUAR CHAIRMAN OF DAIMLER predicts the availability of fully autonomous vehicles by 2025. DAIMLER NISSAN has announced the availability of autonomous vehicles to consumers by 2020. NISSAN PzzzzzzzPZz zzZzz The driverless cars will allow the passenger to read a book or even take a nap. The technology is already here. So, why is it taking so long to introduce them commercially? What are the problems that the self-driving cars need to overcome before we see them on the road? MAPPING All the streets, pavements, and driveways that are to be used by the self-driving cars must be mapped. WEATHER CONDITIONS The lasers and cameras are having a hard time dealing with challenging weather conditions like heavy rain, fog, and snow. HEARING Even the advanced self-driving vehicles are having a tough time to interpret emergency sirens. They must be able to respond if a Police asks them to stop or allow an ambulance to pass. AUTO REVERSE Most autonomous cars cannot reverse in the absence of human assistance. COST If the autonomous cars have to compete in the automobile market, the manufacturers must ensure that the cost is not a prohibitive one. These roadblocks are likely to be lifted soon. And self-driving cars will hit the market commercially. 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS

Driverless Cars will Soon Make Nerve-Wracking Commute a Past

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We all have days when we just rush around trying to get things done. You have picked up dry cleaning, made a list of grocery and need to rush to the bank before it closes. Now you go, pedal to metal t...






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