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Distracted Driving Dangers

THE RISKS OF DISTRACTED DRIVING Gun SAFER DRIVING GUIDE TO CLOSE TO 1.2 MILLION on the world's roads, and that number is expected to rise by 65% by the year 2020. And by 2030 could become the 4th leading cause PEOPLE DIE EACH YEAR of death in the United States. EXAM PLES O F DISTRA CTED DRIVING 100.7 Texting Eating/Drinking Changing Radio Distracted by Passenger TEXTING WHILE DRIVING INCREASES YOUR RISK OF GETTING INTO AN ACCIDENT BY 23 TIMES of accidents are due to 25% a distracted driver. Driving while using a phone reduces brain activity by 37% 40% of teens admit they have texted while driving or been with someone who has, endangering their lives. Sending or receiving a text message, removes your eyes from the road for about 4.5 seconds, at 55 mph, that is the equivalent of driving an entire FOOTBALL FIELD BLINDF OLDED YNC AND OTHER HANDS FREE TECHNOLOGY Ford Powered by Microsoft Ford SYNC like many other automakers are using voice recognition technology to help drivers and passengers manage not just their phone calls, navigation, but also minimize the amount of distraction from the road while driving. In newer car models, drivers have the option to use hands free technology with voice recognition to listen to, and reply to text message, all while not taking their eyes off of the road. OTHER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING A CAR PARKING ASSIST An increasing number of models offer a feature that detects the size of the parking space, guides you into the starting position, and then allows you to completely take your hands off the wheel while the computer backs the vehicle into place. LANE DEPARTURE Prevents the driver from drifting out of their lanes without warning. AIRBAGS An oldie but obvious choice. Over 6 million car accidents annually, and 3 million are injured, 2 million are permanent and almost 40 thousand deaths annually. Air bags help reduce the serenity of these injuries and in most cases can save your life. ACCIDENT CAUSES 2% COLLISIONS WITH STATIONARY STRUCTURES 16% 29% 30% HEAD-ON COLLISION «Б SIDE IMPACT OR ANGLED REAR VIE W CAMERA the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could make this technology standard on all vehicles by 2014. REVERSE BACKUP SENSORS the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationcould makethis technology standard on all vehicles by 2014. REAR-END COLLISION/IMPACT

Distracted Driving Dangers

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"Almost 1.2 million people die each year due to vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. Lets put an end to these senseless deaths. Do your part by never texting while driving. http://tindolfo...


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