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Detailing Your Car Insurance Premiums

Detailing Your Car INTERSTATE 95 Insurancě Premiums How Violations, theft, accidents, cell phones and your family affect the premium and what you can do to bring it down FACTORS THAT DETERMINE YOUR PREMIUM 1998 2007 25% of men of women have been distracted, by an attractive person in another car. However, arrests for women driving under the influence has increased by nearly 30% from 1998-2007 Some insurers offer' Good Student Discounts since stats show that students who ean a B average or higher trend to be more responsible drivers. 70% If you have good health insurance and disability insurance, consider dropping Personal Injury Insurance (PIP) or buy only the minimums when required. Neither collision nor comprehensive coverage is required by any state although your bank may require it until your car is paid off. Most states except New Hampshire and Florida require drivers to carry Liability insurance but minimums vary state by state. The coverages, limits and deductibles you choose will affect your monthly rates Men have Woman commit few traffic offenses than men, receiving fewer citations for wreckless driving seatbelt violations and speeding Ask your insurer if there is a discount for driver's ed or defensive driving courses Participating in Teen Safe Driver program offer you a 10% discount on your insurance in certain states more accidents than women Snooze & Lose= No Grace Period for late insurance payments Insurers want to know if your previous Some age groups are af higher risk and have to pay higher insurance premiums Teens are among the highest- risk drivers due to their inexperience and lack of reflexes policy w y was cancelled for non-payment Adding a driver under the age of 25 to your car insurance pólicy will jolt your bill Extras like Rental Reimbursement and Gap Coverage can save you a bundle in the long-tem. 10 Every 1000 students average 152 accidents and 87 speeding tickets Just one day late and your policy can be cancelled. Once it's cancelled, you may find yourself paying more money for a comparable policy or having trouble finding car insurance at all. The company won't necessarily reinstate you once payment is received. Married people have lower rates auto insurance claims Martial Status After age 25 auto insurance costs should continue to decline until you get into your 60s The higher your deductible, the lower your premium Location Credit History People under the age of 25 who get married will generally see a noticeable drop in car insurance rates For maried people, divorcing their no-good spouse may cause a drop in insurance rates For insurers your credit history= the likelihood of future losses= your Insurance Score Bad credit history%3D difficult to obtain insurance or cause premiums to go up Vehicle Use Where you live, drive, and park your car matters. Insurers look at local trends, such as the number of accidents, car thefts, lawsuits, as well as the cost of medical care and car repair In any city, living near a church or religious institution reduces your accident risk by up to 10% Insurers know that more claims are made in urban areas due Establishing a solid credit score to busy traffic, vandalism, theft and fraud can cut insurance Higher mileage "Risk exposure (chance of getting into an accident) is higher the more you drive" premium costs Drivers with previous violations = higher risk you may be charged higher rates. * every report you file with your auto insurer (even if the damage is less than your i deductible) goes on your permanent record Doctors, lawyers and architects $4759 is the highest annual national average cost of auto insurance, in Detroit MI. *...........* are the worst offenders, getting the most tickets and average the most accidents Insurers consider the risk of theft, cost of the car and repairs, and overall safety record when determining rates reflect a vehicle's loss history No matter how far you drive, 80% of all the Nation's car crashes involved some type of driver distractions If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year you will pay less. Every 33 seconds a motorcycle is stolen in the US After an accident, First time accident forgiveness? Ask your insurer when shopping for car insurance; it could save you a lot of money in the long haul Remember There's no law that requires you to report an accident to you insurance company surcharges can start to pile driver distraction is often the cause of rear-end collisions, one of the top reasons for insurance claims Minivans and SUVS are among the least expensive vehicles to insure, so trade your hot rod in for a sensible soccer mom mobile and watch your rates drop up quickly and there are big differences from insurer to insurer ........-. California has the highest and vermont has the lowest incidents of vehicles theft Mazda Tribute (2WD Four Door SUV). after one accident accidents after two You need a clean record for 3 years after a serious traffic violation (such as a citation for DUI) for your auto insurance to back down to standard rates. AAA AUTO CLUB Eating on the run is one of the many distractions that plague motorist today 30% 150% The 1994 Honda Accord is the most commonly stolen vehicle. Cheapest 2010 Vehicle to insure State Farm 10% 45% Ask about discounts for protection devices Anti theft devices, anti-lock brakes, and air bags ***.......--* #1 OFFENDER To get reclassified as a standard risk driver: CELL PHONE USE and TEXTING WHILE DRIVING DON'T SPEED PAST DUE *20 STATES DON'T DRINK & DRIVE IT'S ILLEGAL TO USE A HAND-HELD CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING IN AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HAVE OUTLAWED • CALIFORNIA • CONNECTICUT • NEW JERSEY • NEW YORK • OREGON • UTAH • WASHINGTON STATE TEXTING WITH A CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING "AS OF MARCH 1, 2010 RISKS! SPEEDING VIOLATION DEPARTMENT ISSUED • Drivers take their eyes off the road while dialing and texting • Drivers become absorbed in their conversation and their CITATION # PHONE IN ONE HAND. TICKET IN THE ÖTHER. 100,000 people a day get ticketed 41,000,000 tickets per year ability to concentrate on the act of driving is severely impaired • Drivers jeopardize the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians 5 SECONDS How long drivers generally spend looking at their devices before a crash or near crash average cost: $150 actual cost after SLOGAN for a NEW YORK ANTI-CELLPHONE-WHILE-DRIVING CAMPAIGN 3 years (due to premium increase) $900 10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 10 Speeding Illegal turn Erratic lane change 100 YARDS No seat belt How far a car travels in those 5 seconds of being distracted (at typical highway speeds) Failure to stop Crossing double yellow Signature 1,600,000= 23X= CRASHES caused EACH YEAR by drivers TALKING ON CELL PHONES COLLISION RISK WHEN TEXTING 28% 16-24 OF ALL CRASHES COLLISION RISK WHEN TEXTING USE A HANDS-FREE OR SPEAKER PHONE IF YOU MUST TALK TO SOMEONE WHILE DRIVING AND NEVER TEXT GOLDEN RULES comparison shop • pay bills on time • keep house in shape • drive responsibly SAVE MONEY ON YOUR CAR INSURANCE %24 но Age Gender Coverage Levels O %24 Driving Record surance History of Your Car Make a Model LOCK %24 COLLISION

Detailing Your Car Insurance Premiums

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How violations, theft, accidents, cell phones, and your family affect the premium and what you can do to help bring it down.


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