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Death Wish: 9 of the Most Petrifying Cars of All Time

9. of the Most Petrifying Cars of ALL TIME Ford Pinto The Ford Pinto's fuel tank was placed near the rear of the car Rear end accidents, and the subsequent explosions, killed 27 different people Yugo GV The Yugo GV came equipped with an engine that literally destroyed itself Too much wiggle room under the hood caused engines to move about while driving Geely CK1 Though a relatively new vehicle, the Geely CK1 failed to impress safety testers In fact, the NCAP gave this Chinese vehicle 0/5 stars when closely examined Chevrolet Vega Faulty construction has given the Chevy Vega a reputation for breaking in half Many auto experts claim that this vehicle has lead to GM's downfall Smart FourTwo While great for gas mileage, the Smart FourTwo is simply too light Numerous reports claim that the car can go airborne at just 40 mph Chevrolet Corvette The raw power of any Corvette from the 1980s was just too much for many drivers The Corvette has killed more people than any other car in recent automotive history Nissan Titan The rugged nature of the Nissan Titan has caused many to push their trucks to the limit Engine issues have caused 126 deaths per every million pickup trucks sold Suzuki Samurai Generally speaking, 4X4 vehicles are purchased for their stability The Samurai, however, was prone to rolling over at an alarming rate on rough ground Audi 5000 Initially, this car was troubled by engine problems and unintended acceleration issues When all was said and done, the car was linked to 6 deaths and 700 accidents Robert J. DeBry & A SSOCI ATES

Death Wish: 9 of the Most Petrifying Cars of All Time

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Generally speaking, auto makers have the public's best interest at heart. That said, from time to time, a vehicles slips through the proverbial cracks and becomes more than a widespread hazard than an...


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