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The Deadliest Cars in the World

THE DEADLIEST CARS IN THE WORLD A BRIEF HISTORY OF KILLER CARS BRIGGS & STRATTON FLYER 1915-1925 This early death trap holds the world record for least expensive vehicle of all time. Turns out you get what you pay for, the car was void of doors, wind- shield, bumpers, or any other protection. PEEL TRIDENT 1965-1966 This futuristic 2 seater has little to no protection during an accident. Time Magazine has named it one of the top 50 worst cars of all time. CORVAIR 1960-1963 The Corvair should have been called the Gasp-for- air, because the engine allowed toxic fumes to leak into the car. If you survive the fumes and inflating your tires to a required but unsafe level, good luck surviving the steering wheel that would fatally impale drivers during an accident. FORD PINTO 1971-1980 The Pinto is one of the most explosive cars ever made. The gas tank was situated in such a way that it would blow up during low impact accidents. This design flaw resulted in 180 total deaths. BRICKLIN SV-1 1974-1976 With these flashy uplifting doors in full swing, you'r sure to loose a finger or two.The acrylic and fiber- glass exterior was not fabricated to deal with the heat of the engine, so if you overheat, your car could go into total meltdown! YUGO GV 1985 The Yugo GV was known for literally blowing away their drivers, maybe this is because it was blown off a bridge from a gust of wind. The car had a terminal belt issue and as the belt wore out, the engine would wiggle itself into pieces. FORD MUSTANG 1984 - 1988 %3D The Mustang attracts drivers with a need for speed, who are ready to take risks, giving it the second highest death rate to occupants. KIA RIO 2009 The Rio has several safety measures to protect drivers. That is, unless they are hit from behind. The car has a high rate of ICU patients from rear end collisions. AUTO FATALITIES PER YEAR IN THE US ARE YOU DRIVING A KILLER CAR? Cars in this section with known defects are accompanied by one of the following symbols: FUEL SYSTEM = 10 Deaths ENGINE Per Million Cars SEAT BELT ELECTRICAL AIRBAG NISSAN TITAN CREW CAB NISSAN 350Z CHEVROLET AVEO 126 DEATHS PER MILLION 143 DEATHS PER MILLION 119 DEATHS PER MILLION L22222222L22 222222222 CHEVROLET COBALT NISSAN TITAN EXTENDED CAB KIA SPECTRA 5 111 DEATHS PER MILLION 117 DEATHS PER MILLION 102 DEATHS PER MILLION L22222 222222222222 2222222222 CHEVROLET MALIBU CLASSIC HYUNDAI TIBURON NISSAN VERSA 99 DEATHS PER MILLION 96 DEATHS PER MILLION 96 DEATHS PER MILLION 2222222222 2222222222 2222222222 CHEVROLET COLORADO EX-CAB NISSAN TITAN CREW CAB KIA SPECTRA 93 DEATHS PER MILLION 92 DEATHS PER MILLION 87 DEATHS PER MILLION 222222222 222222222 222222222 MAZDA MIATA MX-5 SUBARU LEGACY MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 83 DEATHS PER MILLION 83 DEATHS PER MILLION 82 DEATHS PER MILLION 22222222 22222222 22222222 MITSUBISHI GALANT NISSAN MAXIMA FORD RANGER 2WD 82 DEATHS PER MILLION 82 DEATHS PER MILLION 81 DEATHS PER MILLION 22222222 22222222 22222222 Sources: IIHS for deaths per million recalls from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [2] CAR INSURANCE QUOTES COMPARISON 1975 44,525 1980 51,091 1985 43,825 1990 44,599 1995 41,817 2000 41,945 2005 43,443 2010 32,708

The Deadliest Cars in the World

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This interesting and dynamic infographic provides a brief history of deadly cars by year and make and model of the car. It also shows the number of auto fatalities per year and the current most dangerous cars.


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