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Dashboard Warning Lights - What Do They Mean & How To Act?

DASHBOARD WARNING LIGHTS WHAT DO THEY MEAN? HOW TO ACI? RENTAL Cars24n SEAT BELT DASHBOARD LIGHT ENGINE WARNING LIGHT Appears and remains active when the engine is started and the seat belt unfastened. Fastening seat belts switch off the light Engine fault, means that engine requires service or maintenance. After solving the problem the indicator turns off. ENGINE OVERHEATING LIGHT ENGINE OIL WARNING LIGHT Shows the possibility of engine overheating. Pull over and turn the car off to prevent further damage to the engine! Turns on if a problem is detected with the oil pressure. Pull over almost immediately when safe conditions allow. BRAKE WARNING LIGHT BATTERY WARNING LIGHT Indicates a problem with the braking system. Try to limit your drivingand get your car to a service department. There is an issue concerning the battery charging system. It could be due to faulty alternator or snapped alternator belt. Bring your car in as soon as possible. PARKING BRAKE WARNING LIGHT TYRE PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT The parking brake or emergency brake is engaged and must be released before driving off. Means that your tire pressure is low. Find the closest gas station with an air pump! LOW FUEL LIGHT CAR DOORS INDICATOR The fuel level is very low and only has few miles until empty. Find the closest gas station and fill up! Let's you know that you have one or more doors opened. Make sure all your doors are closed properly. AIRBAG WARNING LIGHT POWER STEERING WARNING LIGHT Illuminates if your fluid levels are low or if there is a fault within the Illuminates if one or all of the cars airbags have been deactivated. Check vehicle manual for any checks that can be performed. system. Check power steering fluid levels and top-up if necessary. DIESEL GLOW PLUG LIGHT SYMBOL FULL BEAM HEADLIGHTS SYMBOL Used on diesel vehicles, no attempt to start the vehicle must be made until the light goes out! Lets you know when your cars head- lights are turned to full beam. When the light is on, you can blind oncom- ing drivers EMERGENCY INDICATOR CRUISE CONTROL Turns on when the driver turns on the emergency button. It signals the other drivers around the car that there is some emergency. This light is turned on if the cruise control system is activated; note that it may differ by brand and car model. CAR RENTAL COMPARISON RENTAL Cars24h

Dashboard Warning Lights - What Do They Mean & How To Act?

shared by RentalCars24Hours on Mar 14
Have you seen these signs on your car's dashboard? Click on the poster to see how the signs act on the dashboard! Our gifographic tells what the signs on a car dasboard mean and what you should do ...




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