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Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Beware! It's important to be sure you're on top of your game before hopping on a motorcycle. Brush up on your safety tips before braving the dangers of the open road! DANGERS OF RIDING A MOTORCYCLE To be a legal mo- torcycle operator, one must first acquire a learn- ing permit and then pass a skills test. Even though 25% of crashes Even with a license, a motorcycle driver is exposed to far more dangerous conditions than a car driver, result in head injuries. --four states have no helmet requirement. liros New Hampshie About a quarter fatal motorcycle crashes involve a driver without a valid license New Jersey Half of the twenty states that require all riders to wear a helmee include low power motorcycles in their laws Failure to stay within proper lanes (including running off the road) and speeding account for 45% of all fatal crashes Per vehicle mile Florida has almost five times the national average for fatal crashes there were 542 in 2008. traveled, motorcyclists are about 37 times more likely r occu- than passenger pants to die in a traffic crash. Cars' Failure to Yield Keep an eye out! These are some of the most common scenarios that get motorcyclists in trouble. Following Too Close ! Car Not Checking Blind Spots PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Earplugs Sustained velocities more than 6 65-70 mph can damage hearing in as little as 15 minutes Helmet The biggest no-brainer! Jacket Often with reinforced pletes protecting the ribcage and soft spots, jackets are designed to protect against severe road rash Gloves Specially-made motorcycle gloves employ the same kind of protection as a jacket does, but are often designed in such a way that the seams and stitching don't interfere with operating the cycle. Boots Vest This optional garment improves rider conspicuity and nighttime visibility with neon colors and reflective tape. Extra-secure buckles and durable materials make this special class of boot more suited for riding. While the soles are always rubber, the structure is increasingly made from titanium, carbon fiber or other light materials. Pants Additional padding and protective plates are often situated over the knees and hips, where bones are often victim to sudden impacts. Ride Safe! It is a motorcyclisť's right to enjoy the open road, but it is their responsibility to exercise caution. Road conditions, other drivers and personal protective gear are all important to consider when getting on a bike. Source US Monorcycle Le (p/ .ogleshelmetecurent.p) CaMatencyde Acodere (wpertiamcom/brary derjretnydelen Tulle Salety Fac, 200" STA Nwta gov) Information Preided By hpwmotorcycleirancng Matoepele INSURANCE ------

Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

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Motorcycles might be thrilling, but if you're not careful and protected, they can be very dangerous too. This infographic provides information about the dangerous of motorcycles and the best gear to k...


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