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The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

THE DANGERS OF DRINKING AND DRIVING A GUIDE TO STAYING SAFE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON DURING THE HOLIDAYS, THE AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL-RELATED DRIVING DEATHS NEARLY DOUBLES. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT HOW TO STAY SAFE ON THE ROAD THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. HOW DOES ALCOHOL AFFECT MY BODY? The amount of alcohol you drink affects your coordination, your reflexes, and even your judgment - all three are crucial when you are behind the wheel. SOBER (.02 -.04 BAC) • No loss of coordination • Slight euphoria • Loss of shyness BUZZED (.07 -.09 BAC) • Slight imperfection of balance, speech, vision, reaction time, and hearing • Judgment and self-control are reduced • Reason and memory are impaired DRUNK (.10 -.125 BAC) • Increased impairment of motor coordination • Loss of good judgment • Speech may be slurred • Balance, vision, reaction time, and hearing are impaired ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししレ ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし ししし SOBERING STATISTICS ししし しし ししし MONDAY 300,000 Over I.2 million :90 Adults drink and drive drivers were arrested in 2011 for driving about I12 million The average drunk Almost every 90 driver has driven under the influence times per year almost seconds, a person is drunk 80 times before of alcohol or narcotics. 300,000 incidents injured in a drunk driving crash. his or her first arrest. every day! WHAT'S IN YOUR DRINK? What's your pleasure? Are you a beer guy, or do you prefer a Chardonnay? Rum and Coke, or Vodka Martini? If you're wondering how much alcohol is in your drink, look no further. ALCOHOL CONTENT BY VOLUME BEER: WINE: Pilsner: 3 - 6% LIQUOR: White: 11% Vodka: 35 - 50% Lager: 3 - 6% Red: 11.5% Rum: 35.5 - 57% IPA: 6 - 7% Zinfandel: 17 - 22% Stout: 5 - 10% Tequila: 40 - 50% Port: 20% Gin: 37.5% Whiskey: 40 - 53.3% FACT OR FICTION? With so much misinformation and so many old wives' tales that are taken as facts, it's easy to be confused when it comes to sobering up. レレ GOOD IDEA COMMON MYTHS ON SOBERING UP BAD IDEA Have a friend bring you home: A designated driver is the smartest way to get home safe. Take a shower: One of the more common fallacies is that a cold shower will sober you up. This is false. The Take a cab: An average taxi ride costs $15 - $30. only thing that a shower will do is make you cleaner. Walk: Not, you know, on the freeway or anything, but Eat Something: "A greasy diner meal will soak up the booze." You've heard that too, right? Well, it isn't true. if it's just down the street, then sure. It's just that a late-night burger and fries Wait it out: Take the time to let the alcohol leave your system. sounds so good at 3:00 AM. Unless, you know, you're in a sketchy area. Then Slam an energy drink: You may think that a surge of caffeine will sober you up, but that's not the case. In fact, you might want to walk to somewhere safe. those things are straight-up terrible for you. HOW TO SPOT A DRUNK DRIVER ON THE ROAD Even if you aren't drinking, there are other people on the road who are. A sober motorist isn't completely safe from a drunk-driving accident. Here's what to look for - and avoid - on the road: SWERVING, WEAVING OR ZIGZAGGING TAILGATING RAPID ACCELERATION OR DECELERATION angnnn DRIVING WITH HEADLIGHTS OFF 9-1-1 DRIFTING IN AND If you see someone that fits this profile, keep away. Pull over to a safe place and call 9-1-1. If you have the make and model of the car, great. If OUT OF LANES ABRUPT OR you have the license plate, even better. But even if you just call to say: "There's a yellow sedan on Cooper Street that's driving in the wrong lane," ILLEGAL TURNS the police can take care of the rest. Brought to you by SOURCES: driving.html I DRIVE SAFELY specific_bac.html

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

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The simple task of driving becomes increasingly risky throughout the holiday season. Tired drivers, texting drivers, and hazardous road conditions are all a part of the problem. But the surge of peopl...


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