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A Dangerous Scam: Staged Car Accidents

A DANGEROUS SCAM: STAGED CAR ACCIDENTS $5.6 - $7.7 The Insurance Research Council reports that in 2012, automotive claim fraud and buildup totaled $5.6 billion to $7.7 billion in additional payments to auto-injury claims paid in the United States 21% Bodily-Injury The Insurance Research Council reports 21 percent of bodily-injury claims and 18 percent of personal injury protection claims were closed with payment even though they appeared to involve fraud or buildup 18% Personal Injury Claims involving fraud and/or buildup were more Four states have a prevalence of apparent fraud and buildup among personal injury protection claims: likely than any other claim to involve the following: 22% 31% Minnesota Florida Chiropractic Treatment Physical Therapy 24% 22% New York Massachussets Alternative Medicine Pain Clinics Negative consequences of a scam accident: Inconveniences: substantial time is devoted to filing claims, repairing damaged vehicles and selecting a lawyer after an accident Injury and/or death: though scammers may not intend to inflict harm or death, injury and death are still common in staged car accidents Trauma: some accidents may Expenses: a victim may be charged for an accident he or she did not cause result in inevitable trauma after becoming a victim of a staged car accident Examples of staged car accidents include: The Swoop & Squat: a suspect vehicle will swoop in front of a victim and slam on the brakes to cause a rear-end collision. The Drive Down: when two lanes of traffic are merging, a dishonest driver will wave the car trying to merge into the lane, but then speed up to cause an accident. The driver will claim he or she never waved the other car into the lane. The Sideswipe: when driving in the inner lane of a dual left-turn lane, a suspect vehicle will deliberately ram into a victim car even if the victim barely crosses the line while turning. The T-bone: a suspect vehicle will purposely wait for a victim to proceed through an intersection them slam into the victim. How to avoid accident scams: A Be cautious when driving and always keep eyes on the road for suspicious behavior Though most cell phones have cameras and a notepad on them, keep a camera, pen and paper in a car to record vital information for if a crash occurs Beware of "shady helpers" or phony eyewitnesses who will back up the story of a suspect vehicle Individuals at a higher risk of being in a staged accident: Those who drive luxury or new model year vehicles, because of their high insurance limits Work vehicles-car insurance scams Senior citizens and women are targeted because con artists may believe they are easier to intimidate involving these cars can be more profitable and scam Robert J. DeBry AS SO CIAΤ S

A Dangerous Scam: Staged Car Accidents

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Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. You may already be familiar with what to do in the event of a crash thanks to your lawyer, but what if the accident was staged?


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