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The Daily Grind (Commute) to Work

THE DAILY GRIND TO WORK (CommuTE) HRHE 1) AVERAGE TRAVEL TIME TO WORK 6% 9% Commuting times vary drastically from person to person, with more than half of people having 7.5% 8.1% a commute somewhere between 10 to 29 minutes According to the census', these values have not fluctuated much in the past decade. 20.1% 20.9% 21% 24% MODE OF COMMUTE *Public Transportation is the slowest form of commute, resulting in an average trip of 60 minutes or longer 23% of the time. DRIVING ALONE 105.64M WORKERS CAR POOLING 13.39M WORKERS FOOT, BICYCLE 6.29M WORKERS PUBLIC TRANS O 3.79M WORKERS SUBWAY or RAIL 3.16M WORKERS 3M 6M 9M 12M 100M 103M 106M EXTREME COMMUTES 60-90 MINUTES! Workers living outside of a metropolitan area or city, that work within that city, have the HIGHEST RATE of long commutes, as traffic is often the HEAVIEST on these roads. MINUTES 590+ MINUTES COMMUTES 604 COMMUTES 8.1% 2.5% TOP 10 STATES FOR 60+ MINUTE COMMUTES States with higher numbers of “long commuters" tend to be adjacent to or contain large metropolitan areas. Anyone living near a large city can attest to this fact. 16.2% of workers 1 New York- 14.8% of workers 2 Maryland- 3 New Jersey 14.6% of workers 13.9% of workers Puerto Rico. 11.0% of workers 5 Illinois • 10.9% of workers 6 Massachusetts« 10.1% of workers 7 California- 10.0% of workers 8 Virginia. 9 New Hampshire 09.7% of workers 09.3% of workers 10 Georgia- COMMUTING FLOWS Metropolitan areas that are located near state borders (New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Kansas City, etc.) tend to have a high level of inter-state commuting. RESIDENCE WORKPLACE NUMBER to STATE STATE OF PEOPLE New Jersey Maryland Virginia 396,520 330,171 226,407 128,891 123,650 121,698 113,150 95,599 87,257 New York District of Columbia District of Columbia New Jersey Pennsylvania New Jersey New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland Missouri Virginia Kansas Kansas Missouri Fastcubes OFFICE Furniture Source: 2011 Data - US Census Bureau www.census.gow/hes/commuting/files/2012/ACS-20pdf %£ Minutes Minutes linutes Minutes 30-44 Mins 40+ Mins 12% 13.49 27% 15% 18%

The Daily Grind (Commute) to Work

shared by Sebastian Squarehead on Jun 25
A stunning display of some stunning facts about workers' daily commutes in the U.S. Find out where you stack up to the statistics.


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