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The Cyclist's Survival Guide in Shanghai

PAH Z JAO CEMETERY CHAPEI ELECTRIC SUB-STATION KA ZAH NINGPO GUILD RANCH SWIMMINO OOL -Sherpa's Bicycle Survival Guide: szECHUEN HONGK PARK What's the Road Heirarchy in Shanghai? TIENTUNG AN STA JAPANESE MAVAL DEPOR KA ZAH soocHowd bpILD CHA MUNICIPAL SCHOOL TSZE KONO SOME FACTS ABOUT CHINESE STREETS ON BICYCLES ( 自行车 ) Official Driving Test' ( 驾驶 考试 ) TAXI QUALITY² ( 出租车 ) Number of Bicycles in China: IF ANOTHER MOTORIST STOPS TO GOOD 500,000,000 ASK DIRECTIONS, YOU SHOULD: a) not tell him bj reply patiently and accurately c) tell him the wrong way Registered Bikes in Shanghai 7,000,000 WHEN DRIVING THROUGH A RESI- DENTIAL AREA YOU SHOULD: Ratio of Bikes to Cars in China: a) honk like normal b) honk more than normal in order to alert residents c) avoid honking, in order to avoid disturbing residents 4:1 HORRIBLE e SHIPBUILDING NGTSZE INS, BLDG. K OF CHINA SOON HOUSE ING ROAD JET TERED BANK WS BLDG. SEdTIÓN 4 F TAIWAN BANK OF CHI COMMUNICA JETTY : HOUSE--- HATION SHED WATER WOI YANGTSZEP00 WORKS DOCK NORMAL SHANGHAI DOCK & ENGINEERINO OLIVIER De co. BP CHUNG A TAI DONG WHARF EHING NONG HENG FONG COVTON MILLA W MITSUBISHI SHOJI KAISHA 62 VBROS JOCK MING SECTION 9 PooTUnd NEMETERY LINE MITSUI BUSSA A ISHA CUSTOMS DEPOT SIGNAL STATION BRITISH CIGARETT TION 3 NIKK ACOT o. L WEST) TIEN CHANG PAPER SHANGHAI S HOKEW WHARF C e LY POOIUNGWHARF EAST) MILL EASTERN MILL tWHO RULES THE ROAD? - THE LIST Black # Audis #2 Shanghainese Men in Silk #3 Bicycles Pyjamas 舒适 的 真丝 睡衣 It used to be VWs, but for the past decade the favoured Communist Party car has been the infa- mous Black Audi. You can cut in front of any other vehicle in Shanghai, but the slim likelihood of ag- gravating the guangxi beast behind the wheel is enough to secure the top spot on the charts for this German machine. This staple of Shanghai street life meanders with enigmatic sovereignty throughout the city. For driv- ers and riders, roads are sites of constant rationali- zation and decision. Since pyjama men are funda- mentally unpredictable, they're above and outside of the game altogether. A good bike is faster, nimbler and more reliable than practically any other above-ground transportation in Shanghai (the subterranean metro is incomparably quick). Compounding these strengths is the robust history of bikes in China. Bottom line: there's no better investment in this city than a good bike. Garbage #5 Tricycles #61 Police #4 ty City Buses Cars “ 公安 。 Size is might on Shanghai's streets. Right of way is determined almost purely by cubic volume. The worst encounters with busses always happen on the shoulder of Shanghai's elevated roads. They stop for nothing except pyjama men and party officials. Imagine swimming with a whale shark. These mad assemblages of any and all products, like the men in silk pyjamas, beat out virtually all other road traffic not because of their violence or recklessness, but simply on account of how they lumber along, seemingly deaf to their own chaotic presence. It may be different for Chinese citizens, but l've never gone out of my way to show deference towards the police in Shanghai. •.• •. The grid and graticule on this sheet are based on the NAF ONE THOUSAND YARD WORLD POLYCONIC GRID, BAND IIIN, . THE LAST THREE DIGITS OF THE GRIDNUMBERS ARE OMIT POH ZEE KA ZAH REFERENCE Motor Roads. INDEX LEETS Other Roads. NAN ZKE KA ZAL Paths. 877 2 Villages... + STAY SAFE ON CHINA'S ROADS + CONSIDER: THERE'S AN UPWARD TREND IN LAOWAI DEATHS ON THE ROADS OF SHANGHAI3 CYCLISTS MAKE UP A LARGE SHARE (10%) OF CHINA'S ROÁD-FATALITIES“ BUT! AS CHINA ADJUSTS TO CAR CULTURE, ANNUAL ROAD FATALITIES ARE DECREASING5 60 - 120000 – Motorbike Riders Pedestrians 40 - Drivers 90000 Cyclists Truck Drivers Other 60000 10 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 LAOWAI ROAD FATALITIES IN CHINA (00 - 08) DEATHS BY ROAD USER CATEGORY IN CHINA (2010) CHINESE ROAD FATALITIES IN CHINA (00 - 08) AND REMEMBER... SHANGHAI'S DRIVERS MAKE YOU'RE PROBABLY GOING E-BIKES ARE SILENT AND THAT NO EYE-CONTACT TO GET YELLED AT MAKES THEM DANGEROUS THANKS FOR YOUR TIME & GOOD LUCK CYCLING IN SHANGHAI 毛 主 応 法 予 FOR REFERENCE: 1 SEE PETER HESSLER’S “COUNTRY DRIVING" FOR MORE EXAMPLES OF CHINESE DRIVING TEST QUESTIONS 2 TAXI RANKINGS ARE BASED ON INFORMAL RESEARCH & HEARSAY 3"ROAD TRAFFIC INJURIES TO FOREIGNERS IN THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, 2000-2008" (2010) 4"THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT ANNUAL STATISTIC REPORT" (2010) 4"ROAD TRAFFIC INJURIES TO FOREIGNERS IN THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, 2000-2008" (2010) CREATED BY GALEN CROUT WHO CAN BE REACHED AT [email protected] Sherpa's Shanghai OR FOUND RIDING MORE OR LESS ANYWHERE IN SHANGHAI O O M SAWA

The Cyclist's Survival Guide in Shanghai

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This infographic outlines the nuances and pitfalls of cycling in Shanghai. In addition to a detailed survey of the other characters on the road, it provides some projections of the future of road safe...


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