Cycling Accidents

Cycling Accidents Dangers& Injuries Statistics Twenty Twelve saw a high for British Cycling with a win in the However with recent cycling accidents involving three prominent Tour de France by Bradley Wiggins and then a string of victories members of British Cycling: Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and Shane Sutton. It seems that the roads are no safer and just as dangerous as they were before. Whether it is a cyclist or by Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics. This increased the British public's interest in Cycling and came with it the potential for safe cycling on the roads of Britain. motorist, all road users must take responsibility for safer roads. Cycling Accidents - Facts & Figures Cycling Casualties, 2011 Cycling Accident Occurance | 107 Killed 80% 3,085 Seriously injured 16,023 slightly injured happen in the day 19,215 casualties in Total Around 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight hours where most cycling takes place. These figures are for road accident cases that have been reported to the police. There are many cyclist casualties that are not reported. రంరం రం రం A fifth of the cyclists killed and injured are children. Types of Accident - a closer look "Failed to look properly" Other common factors for drivers Poor turn / manoeuvre (in 17% of serious accidents involving a cyclist) Car Drivers Careless, reckless, in a hurry (17%) 43% Cyclists 57% Impaired by alcohol 60 70 80 90 50 100 Exceeding the speed limit 30 In police reports, "Failed to look properly" was 120 - 130. 20 10 considered the most common key factor in serious Travelling too fast for the 140. collisions at junctions for either motorists or cyclists. conditions. Injury Patterns - a closer look Head Injuries Chest/Abdomen Injuries 40% 45% 5% Adults Children Often serious Fatal skull fractures Can come with head injuries Brain damage Minor concussion Limb Injuries 40% 25% Arm Leg Most common injury type So there we go some statistics on the dangers to cyclists from Give cyclists the same amount of space you would a car, always accidents on the road. It is a dangerous place out there but check your mirrors before manouvering. Both Cyclists and whether you are a cyclist or motorist you can make sure no Motorists have people who go against the highway code and harm comes to those who are most vulnerable. The one thing to increase the chances of an accident occuring. Make sure that you remember is that all road users have a right to be on the road. are not one of them to keep the UK roads safe for everyone. Fin Source 8 - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Au Web: Email: This infographic is designed by Chris Au, for the awareness of safety for cyclists on UK roads. BY NO ND

Cycling Accidents

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Cycling Accidents statistics, looking at the dangers and possible injuries cyclists face on UK roads.


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