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Could You Be Stranded for Days and Survive

COULD YOU BE STRANDED FOR DAYS AND SURVIVE? YOUR CAR BREAKS DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. х COULD YOU SURVIVE A COLD NIGHT OR TWO BEFORE HELP ARRIVED? COULD YOU SURVIVE IF YOU WERE STRANDED FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK? HERE ARE SOME ITEMS TO KEEP IN YOUR VEHICLE FOR THOSE "JUST IN CASE" MOMENTS. THE CUFF It looks like a fashionable piece of jewelry, but contains the CuffLinc, a bluetooth link to your smartphone 3:43 Press the internal button to alert your family or the authorities if you find yourself in an unsafe situation Sarah Connor ha you an emergen from her CUFFI Comes in many different fashionable and beautiful styles available in bracelets, necklaces, or keychains APALS: ALL PURPOSE ADHESIVE LIGHT STRIPS Designed by former military operatives Mark your car without intense glare Over 200- hours of runtime Perfect for brutal weather conditions ZIPPO'S EMERGENCY FIRE STARTER KIT Water-resistant "Waxed Tinder Sticks" and 0-ring Seal built into case Reliable flint wheel ignition feature makes it easy to light the tinder sticks Flints and cotton tinders are easily replaceable for just S4.95 RUMPL Regulates your body temperature & Made of high-tech nylon (the same material as sleeping bags) Durable, water- and stain-resistant Comes in a compact bag for easy travel Available in different colors & sizes GOALZERO FLIP 10 RECHARGER Collects &stores solar power * Compact design for maximum mobility * Device costs only $29.99! SOYLENT Developed by an engineer who wanted to save time while still maintaining a good diet A balanced drink containing essential nutrients required to fuel the human body soylent Nuarilion Facts A single Soylent package lasts for at least 1 year, and has been tested up to 2 Oust add water!) STERIPEN Small, light, solar-powered Uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense and purify water W Sterilizes the murkiest of waters GARMIN MONTERRA GPS DEVICE GARMIN "3D Map Merge" gives an analysis of surrounding terrain Accurately coordinates location Shares data, maps, waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches with other compatible GPS devices STABILICIERS LITE DUTY SERIOUS TRACTION CLEAT Folds to easily fit in your pocket Light-weight cleats attach to bottom of your shoes Transform everyday footwear into high-performance footgear PROVIDED BY: ATLANTA lockmasters SteriPEN

Could You Be Stranded for Days and Survive

shared by NickCobb on Jan 03
What would happen if your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? Could you survive?


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