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The Cost of Pimping Your Ride

HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO Pinp Your ENGINE Engine Displacement Modify the cylinders to increase the engine power. MAKE IT ROAR! COST: £300 Engine Speed Remapping is the way to a more efficient engine. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COMPUTER! COST: From £199 Intake 000 System LET IT ALL IN! Ingest more air and increase the exhaust gasses. COST: £200 n20 Nitrous Gas Kit ROCKET FUEL! Releases oxygen into the engine chamber for a boost in power. COST: £800 - £2000 Engine Turbo CONSISTENT ROCKET FUEL! Turbo is a steady supply of 02 to increase speed. COST: £1500 - £2000 Engine Supercharger 000 More air + fuel = more speed! THINK 1980S HOTROD! COST: £500 - £800 EXTERIOR Doors Scissor/ Lambo Doors Your car doors will open vertically. IDEAL FOR TIME TRAVEL PURPOSES! COST: £1200 - £1700 Lights HID/ Henon Lights No filament. BRIGHTER AND MORE DISTINCTIVE! COST: £80 - £200 Wheels Rims & Alloy Wheels DON'T TRY DRIVING WITHOUT WHEELS! Alloy wheels are 30% lighter meaning improved suspension and steering. COST: £50 - £5000 Lower Suspension THE CAR WILL LOOK PRETTY 'PIMP'! Lower to the ground with better handling. COST: £1000 Windows Window Tint REDUCE THE SUNLIGHT! Stop the paparazzi. Conceal an important guest. Your choice. COST: £200 - £S00 Exterior mirrors Make sure you can see your rival on the overtake. ALSO USEFUL FOR CHANGING LANES. COST: £9 - £12G License Plate Custom Number JUST TO REMIND EVERYBODY WHO THEY'RE DEALING WITH! COST: £599 - £1799 Exterior nos Purge Kit There's nothing like rolling up in a cloud of blue mist. The release of pressure is prophetic. YOU'RE GOING TO 'SMOKE EM'! COST: Not cheap. see nos Exterior Spoilers TO KEEP YOU GROUNDED when approaching take-off speeds. COST: £300 upwards Wheels Brake Calliper Paint ILLUMINATE THOSE RIMS with a flash of red or yellow by spraying your brake callipers COST: £25 Ext. Iabour INTERIOR Interior Seats From bucket racing seats through to vintage Royce leather. MAYBE GET YOUR INITIALS IN THE HEADREST. COST: £187 - £1300 Interior Steering Wheel Rally wheels can be expensive, but an OMP MONZA WOOD STEERING WHEEL IS JUST £189. COST: £50 - EG00 Interior Roll Hoops Those chrome bars that rise behind the headrests. JUST IN CASE! COST: £100 Exr. labour Interior Pillar Mounts A speedo window pillar really makes you feel FAST AND FURIOUS! your inside COST: £25 Exc. labour Interior Ignition Switch A BIG RED BUTTON! Major Cool. Fighter-plane flick switch or "Engine Start". COST: £5-£20 Interior Gear Knobs A great mark of discerning taste. EITHER YOU'RE VERY COOL OR VERY SAD. COST: £2 - £12O Interior Custom Lighting LED INTERIOR LIGHTBULBS for the door frame. Bespoke lights behind the dashboard. COST: £6-18 ENE. Iobour Audio Speaker System JUST FOR WHEN THAT BEAT DROPS. Go hard or go home. Don't forget the LCD screen. COST: £400 TOTAL COST: £20,903 Sources,28804,1917097_1917096_1917104,00.html DESIGN 911UK PORSCHE SPECIALIST

The Cost of Pimping Your Ride

shared by joe.shervell on Dec 15
This is a guide to the cost of turning your car into something you can be proud of. Whether you're racing or just driving round town, there's something for everyone.


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