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A Closer Look at High Gas Prices

Price Pump AT THE GAS PRICES ARE SKY HIGH! COST OF GAS Z coST OF GAS WITH INFLATION $4 THE $3 Ghlation $2 FACTOR $1 $0 1920 1936 1954 1970 1988 2004 Hawaii has the highest gas prices. Wyoming THE Gab price MAP has the lowest. Lowest Highest THE GAS TAX an extra bump at the pump THE AVERAGE NATIONAL GAS TAX IS WHEN YOU FILL A 12 GALLON TANK 48.8¢ $5.86 Where does the federal gas tax go? FOR EVERY GALLON OF GAS goes straight to the дoehameanl The Federal Gas Average State Gas Tax Highway Trust Fund Federal Tax brings in Gas Tax $37 billion Mass Transit Leaking Underground Storage 18.4¢ 30.4¢ regardless of current gas prices. every year. THE Gas tax Connecticut has the highest State ALASKA MAP has the lowest State Gas Tax at State Gas Gas Tax at 49.6c 8¢ Taxes vary from state to state. Lowest Highest WHERE DOES American oil come from? Breakdown of imported oil sources (Thousand barrels per day) CANADA SAUDI ARABIA MEXICO VENEZUELA NIGERIA COLOMBIA Domestic Imported IRAQ ECUADOR 68% ANGOLA of American oil is imported. RUSSIA BRAZIL KUWAIT ALGERIA CHAD 500 1000 1500 2000 AMERICANS USE a lot of gas THE AVERAGE PERSON USES WHEN A PERSON USES 558 GALLONS, APPROXIMATELY 558 $545.7 The Ford Model T got 25 miles to the gallon. The Ford Explorer gets 16 miles to the gallon. GALLONS OF GASOLINE every year Goverament goes straight to the with gas at $3.80, that's $2,120.40 for a year of gas. SOURCES notes/gas-tax-rate.html Brought to you by 2006/12/10/fun-facts-on-gas-prices/ H&R BLOCK data_publications/company_level_imports/ current/import.html inflation_rate/gasoline_inflation.asp faqs-transportation-general-public/faqs/s1 f Infographic created by

A Closer Look at High Gas Prices

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a closer look at the price of filling up: the taxes, the sources, and how many dollars go into our gas tanks each year.




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