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Cat 797F - Dump Truck Sales Infographic

Is the $5,000,000 CAT 797F too expensive? CAT 797F vs FORD F-150 САРАСITY- You need 256 Ford F-150 trucks to carry the same 400 tons as one CAT 797F mining truck. 797F 256 Payload Capacity = 400 Tons CAT 797F FORD F-150 Payload Capacity = 1.56 tons To haul 400 tons 500 miles would take 256 ECONOMY Ford F-150 trucks and a total 8,000 gallons of fuel versus 1,667 gallons of fuel for the CAT 797F mining truck. CATERPILLAR CAT CAT (500 miles/0.3mpg) 1500 miles/16 mpg • 256 trucks) 1,667 Gal. 5X 8,000 Gal. Fuel - The largest operating expense CAPITAL COST C The capital cost of the CAT 797F mining truck is comparable to the capital cost of 256 Ford F-150s. The real savings are on the labor costs. %24 DSTAVA CA 5! 5! ($24,000/truck * 256 Ford F-150 trucks) 5,000,000 1.2X 6,144,000 LABOR COST Salary- - The second largest operating expense. It would cost $7,680,000/yr in labor for 256 workers, each one driving a Ford F-150 versus $60,000/yr for 1 worker driving a CAT 797F. Assumes a salary of $60,000/yr for 1 CAT 797F driver and $30,000/yr for 256 Ford F-150s drivers. 256 1 $7,680,000/yr $60,000/yr 128X A few more facts With a full load, the CAT 797F can move as fast as 40 mph on level ground. The CAT797F dump trucks use the most expensive tires in the world, the Michelin 59/80R63 XDR. With a price tag of $42,500 each, these are a massive 13 feet tall tires that weigh 11,680 Ibs. They are the largest tires in the world. These tires require 47 nuts MADISON SQUARE GARDEN- to be attached to the axle. Six of these enormous tires can hold up to 1,375,000 Ibs of truck and load. The CAT 797F could tow the Madison Square Garden across Manhattan and into the East River. The CAT 797F can haul 1,000,000 pounds in a single load - more weight than a fully loaded Boeing 747. You will need to fill up the Ford F-150 fuel tank 38 times to reach the same fuel capacity as the CAT 797F What we've learned... CAT 797F BIGGER, CHEAPER AND MORE FUEL EFFICIENT Payload Capacity: 25,600% greater Capital Cost: savings of 19% Labor Cost: savings of 99% Fuel Efficiency: 500% better *trucks4y

Cat 797F - Dump Truck Sales Infographic

shared by alexbanner on Feb 19
This is a Cat 797F - Dump Truck Sales Infographic, comparing the amazing Cat 797F vs Ford F-150.




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