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Cars Of The Future: Your Safety and What to Expect

RaC CARS OF THE FUTURE TECH то PROTECT Whilst we may still be years away from fully autonomous vehicles, the tech of the future is all pointing towards a more intuitive, interactive and intelligent driving experience. Here's what you can expect to see in the next decade: CONNECTED CARS Why? Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology could help drivers to AVOID 70-80% OF CRASHES. How? A short-wave radio network allows cars to "talk" to each other and communicate with the objects around them. V2V could: • DETECT dangerous road conditions • SPOT risky drivers • DISCERN whether you're going in to a corner too fast • SUGGEST alternative routes to avoid traffic When? Expect to see early versions on the road as soon as 2016 2.5mi lahead AUGMENTED REALITY 35 43MPH 54% Why? Reducing the amount of time your eyes are off the road improves awareness and safety. How? A combination of external sensors and eye-tracking technology work together to help identify potential hazards. Augmented reality technology then overlays real world images with digital ones so you see you drive hazards highlighted, heads-up sat From Jess, 2 miles ago just saw past :) nav displays and even text messages on the windshield. received 12:45 When? This wont become a reality until at least: 2018 BIOMETRIC SENSORS Why? Biometric feedback could help you and your vehicle react to the road and increase safety. How? Biometric sensors installed around the driver will measure everything from your pulse to your breathing, body temperature and even stress levels. The car will then react as it sees fit: • BLOCKING your phone from ringing • TAPPING the brakes • CUTTING POWER to the motor if necessary When? Mercedes and Ford are already trialling it, but privacy laws could mean we're waiting DECADES MIRRORLESS VEHICLES Why? A more comprehensive awareness of the traffic around you could reduce accidents. How? Powerful cameras will be fitted where those bulky side mirrors used to be. They will relay high-resolution images to screens fitted in the door or the centre console allowing you a greater view of the traffic around you. There's even the potential to combine this with augmented reality for heads-up warnings, monitoring and rearview image feeds. When? Expect prototypes to emerge around 2018 AUTOMATED PARKING Why? Avoid scraping your pride and joy as well as damaging other vehicles around you. How? It's simple, really: find a suitable space 2 put your vehicle in reverse activate the system You'll need to operate the accelerator and the brakes, but the external car sensors measure the space and guide you in - no hands needed! When? VW have already launched Park Assist Vision (PAV), SO... NOW GESTURE CONTROL 3543MPR Why? Reducing the amount of time drivers spend with their eyes off the road will increase safety. How? Sensors installed in the car track your hand movements. Flick, push or rotate your hand to control everything from the sound level of your stereo to temperature controls and even the sunroof. When? BMW showcased gesture control at CES at the start of 2015, so... SOON we hope! LASER HE ADLIGHTS Why? Extending the range of visibility at night-time could help to reduce accidents. How? 1000x brighter than Rather than traditional bulbs, the laser headlights will be bounced off of a series of mirrors and reflectors to create a diffusion of light. Because the lasers are diffused, there will be no solid beam to dazzle other LED road users unintentionally. When? BMW's i8 premiered lasers in 2014, but it'll be at least A FEW YEARS before domestic cars go all Star-Trek. CARS OF THE FUTURE DATA SOURCES: uk/bmw/i8/87320/bmw-ia-with-laser-lights-arrives-early

Cars Of The Future: Your Safety and What to Expect

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In recent years technology has leapt forward, more so than some of us could ever have imagined. From smartphones that allow us to stay online wherever we are in the world, to 3D printers that give you...


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