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Cars Aren't Just For Driving

COMMUNISPACE INDEX NO. 2 NOTE TO AUTOMAKERS: CARS AREN'T JUST ABOUT DRIVING Cars are meant for driving, right? Automakers design and build cars with drivers in mind-but when we asked community members about their cars we noticed a surprising disconnect: cars are regularly used for activities that aren't easy-or comfortable-to do in a car. Many consumers see their car more as a portable home than a vehicle. We asked them to design their perfect car. For a long while, I spent great amounts of time in my car I do take my lunch break in my car sometimes . OH and I SLEEP in my car too! I love to lean the seat BESIDES DRIVING OR WAITING!!! Waiting for one child or RIDING, IS THERE another to be done with practices for band, soccer, choir, youth groups, back, and put up sun shades on all sides for privacy." - Nancy M. scouts, and everything that kids get involved in . I listen to books on CDs. I learned French. I read. I do ANYTHING ELSE YOU DO IN A CAR? I apply makeup, I sing, I text, I surf my nails." the web and check my email, I - D.V. C. tweet, I take photos . I film things, I have deep conversations about life with my friends, I flirt, I smile." - Natasha G. My car is my mobile office, so I do everything in it: eat, sleep, text, phone, transport supplies, etc." - William H. Being in my car is the only time i'm truly 'alone' so I do alot of crying, Eat, drink, sleep, text, phone, DANCE!, and just about anything else! My truck is my 'second home!" singing and talking to myself in there. Psycho, I know but it's my 'outlet box." - K.D. L. - Kaye H. You can eat a quick snack, you can change a diaper (yes I have done this before!), you can catch up on some social networking and you can take a nap." - Jeffrey G. IF MY CAR KNEW ME, IT WOULD FEATURE: AN INTEGRATED TRASH RECEPTACLE "It would have a built in trashcan or something so I didn't have to hang a O LARGER INTERNAL bag over the gearshift." - Bethany P. MIRRORS "It would also have a trash can handy so I would not use my door map "It would have . a larger mirror for makeup application." pockets to stow stray papers and other trash." - Jess B. - Stephanie K. A TRAY TABLE "The middle console could become a FULLY RECLINABLE tray to hold food when I eat lunch." - Bethany P. CHAIRS "It would have a workstation tray that "The seats would recline into a could flip out for when my car fold-down bed." Maria K. becomes my office." - Jan D "I sleep in my car sometimes between classes." OUTLETS - Mason W. "It would have two power outlets." - William H LARGER, "It would also have more than just lighter outlets so that passengers would have somewhere to charge ADJUSTABLE CUPHOLDERS mobile devices." - Toni K. "The cupholders would be adjustable to hold larger bottles easily or coffee cups tightly." - Bethany P. SHADED WINDOWS "I love to lean the seat back, "It would have a heated cup holder for and put up sun shades on all sides for privacy." my morning coffee and a cooling holder for my afternoon bottled water or pop." - Nancy M. - Anna T. "It would shade the baby from the rear window when he needs it." - Priscilla R. CARGO AREA "It would hold everything in my cargo area better so that things didn't fall out or roll around." AN ANGLED CONE OF LIGHT - Diana R. "I used to go out to my Lincoln and "A trunk that keeps groceries from read a book for 45 minutes to an hour." falling over and rolling around." Charles S. - Maria L. PRODUCED BY: ABOUT THE COMMUNISPACE INDEX The Communispace Index is a series of infographics that explores the mindset of consumers around current events and trends. Based on original research conducted in the IdeaSpaces (Communispace's proprietary online communities), the Communispace Index provides a qualitative window into the consumer perspective. To receive the Communispace Index for free, please sign up at communispace ABOUT COMMUNISPACE The world's most admired brands turn to Communispace, the leader in generating game-changing insights via private online customer communities. Founded in 1999, the company has created more than 500 customer communities for industry leaders such as Kraft, Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab, Coca-Cola, DESIGN BY: Hallmark, Unilever, Air France KLM, and GlaxoSmithKline. LUMIN ─░NTERACTIVE SOURCES: This research activity was conducted in mid April utilizing Communispace's proprietary market research online communities (MROCS) known as the IdeaSpace. The IdeaSpace communities allow for real-time, online access to men and women between the ages of 25 and 59. In this survey, 347 respondents from across the country weighed in on a series of questions around their auto attitudes and behaviors beyond the driving experience.

Cars Aren't Just For Driving

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