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Car v Motorbike: The True Cost of Commuting

Driving Down the costs of commuting Get Daily commute getting you down? Fed up with tube strikes, delays in public transport, rising ticket prices, lack of seats or the daily grind into work generally? Then a motorbike or scooter may be just the solution you've been waiting for. Bikes and scooters are cheap, quick and fun. Find out for yourself, click here and book a 1 hour taster session now. £2,420 New £3,650 used *Note 1 *Note 1 11 Honda CBF 125 '07 Vauxhall Corsa 1.0i GO MUCH £10 ON FURTHER OF FUEL 258m Middlesbrough 158.4 mpg Save money on every trip London return to... Save 82 m 50.4 mpg Rugby Brighton £3.89 £11.31 £7.42 Oxford £4.67 £13.57 £8.91 Birmingham £9.33 £27.15 £17.82 Manchester £16.33 £47.51 £31.18 Newcastle £22.16 £64.48 £42.32 Edinburgh £31.10 £90.50 £59.40 *Note 2 London On the road cheaper and quicker Licence, Lessons & Tests £170 Save 1 Day £907 £1077A 12 weeks SAVE *Note 3 SAVINGS NGS 86% ONG SAVING SAVINGS INGS SAV SAV £99 TAX SAV AGS SA INGS SAV GS VI S SAVINGS AVINGS SAVIN GS SAVING ШИИИИН SAVINGS £16 EVERY YEAR £115 *Note 4 MOTORCYCLE 125cc CAR CO2 134g/Km Not a valid VED Disc Apple Yahoo! Google Maps YolTube Wikipedia News (545) Popular Q. Google Insurance Motorbike Insurance Comprehensive cover Car Insurance Comprehensive cover Save £550 Your Quote f721 Your Quote £1271 23 year old- new Honda CBF 125 23 year old -'07 Vauxhall Corsa Save money .. It's simples! Many manufacturers offer free or discounted insurance on new bike purchases, check out the offers at Get On, click here for details. 000 *Note 5 Annual commute £113 £461 Average commute 2,906 miles Urban Cycle *Note ó Save £348 every year GET THERE AND BACK FASTER PUBLIC TRANSPORT TRAVEL TIME 2HRS 8MIN A DAY | *Note 7 MOTORBIKE TRAVEL TIME 48MIN A DAY (OVER SAME DISTANCE) CALENDAR January & SAVE 12 1 18 19 20 17 306 HOURS A YEAR! 9 10 16 17 24 25 324 29 30 29 30 31 23 29 30 31 Cctobor Seplember THAT'S 7 WORKING WEEKS 11 12 AND MUCH MORE YOU TIME 18 19 SAVE £££'S EVERY YEAR £997 AND WITHA BIKE OR SCOOTER YOU'LL HAVE THE TIME TO ENJOY IT TOO! jet (Life's better on two wheels Want a free ride? Click Here We'll help you find your local Get On training centre and they'll contact you to book a free 1 hour trial session at a time that suits you. With over 160 training centres around the UK there's bound to be one close by. On the day, a qualified instructor will brief you about the session and kit you out with a helmet and safety gear. Then you get to ride a 125cc motorbike or scooter away from the road on a secure training area with help from your instructor. They'll get you used to the gears and throttle and soon you'll soon be grinning like you did when you learnt to ride a push bike. Notes 1. Cost of Vauxhall Corsa taken from on 8th June 2011 and Honda CBF 125 taken from on óth June 2011. Most popular car taken from Most popular bike taken from Get On site and also at 2. Price taken as £1.35/litre with conversion litre/gallons at .22. Distance above achieved using Honda CBF 125 (158.4 mpg) and Vauxhall Corsa 1.oi (50.4 mpg). MPG figures taken from Honda website and 3. Average number of lessons taken from is 47hours. Most CBT courses are a day long - 7hours. Price of lessons taken from Assume 47lessons at discounted rate (£20 each - £940) - plus costs of tests (£30 and £56.50). Cost of licence £50 taken from Cost of CBT - £120 driving on L' plates only. 4. Emissions for Corsa taken from - CO 2 134g/km. At this shows a cost of £115 Road fund, however for a Motorbike (125cc) it is only £16. 5. Bike quote obtained on óth June 2011. Car quote obtained on 8th June 2011. New bike - first time insurance cover for a 23 year old with flat in Tonbridge Kent and recently passed CBT test – £720.62 with Carole Nash. Cheapest car insurance on was £1271. Car quote was for 23 year old with flat in Tonbridge Kent who had a licence since Jan 2010. 6. Annual commute by car taken from - cost of commute using the urban fuel consumption Corsa (38.7mpg) versus the CBF 125 with petrol at £1.35/litre. 7. National Travel Survey 2010 - Department for Transport, Regional Transport Statistics (October 22, 2009). 8. Commuting times - per year. The Get On stats show that the average UK train-commuter can save 3oó.67 hours a year (footnote a) or over 7working weeks (footnote b) by travelling by two wheels. (a).Department for Transport, Regional Transport Statistics (October 22, 2009) – National Rail commuters spend 64 minutes per journey commuting. This equates to 640 minutes per week based on a five day week. Motorcycle and scooter commuters spend 24 minutes per journey which equates to 240 minutes per week. (b). Based on 46 working weeks per year and a 40 hour week. Created by Stream - AVERAGE TIME

Car v Motorbike: The True Cost of Commuting

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This infographic compares the cost of commuting on a motorcycle with the cost of commuting by car. You could save time and money if you commute by motorcycle. Book a free ride with Get On today!


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