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Car Recalls in the USA

JW SURETY BONDS Low Rates Online FAST CAR RECALLS US A2 the Vehicles in recalls per year in the US 40 MM 30 MM 20 MM 10 MM 1990 2000 2010 2014 turns out to be quite a turbolent year for car manufacturers. As of July there were 41.9 million recalled vehicles, already more than the 37.9 million recalled vehicles in 2000. Number of recalled cars per brand for 2014 up until July 25 MM 12.5 MM GM --i others 1.5 MM З ММ | CHRY SLER I Ford Most common recall problems per brand Ignition switch bug 8.4 million GM vehicles where the ignition switch could change position, turning off the engine and preventing the air bags from deploying Brake light 2.4 million GM vehicles affected by harness, found to be suscep- tible to corrosion Software giitch 1.9 million Toyota Prius Hybrids could be caused to stall by a 01010011 01100001 01110100 01100001 I 1 01101110 00100000 I I 01101001 01110011 00100000 | 01100111 01110 10 | 011001C, " 01110100 00101110 / computer bug teer defect 1.5 million GM vehicles’ elec- tronic power-steering assist can suddenly stop working Faulty electrical connections 1.3 million Toyota vehicles with malfunctioning airbags due to faulty electrical connections Airbag not inflating 1 million Nissan vehicles' com- puter software may not detect an adult in the passenger seat. airbag Bizarre recall problems Mazda recalled cars due to spider webs in the engines of 42,000 cars built between 2010 and 2012. Also, Yellow Sac spiders' webs were obstructing evaporative canister vent lines, resulting in a recall of another 52,000 Mazda 6 sedans. -Animal rights activists have offered to “humanely remove" spiders from infested Mazda fuel tanks in 50,000 vehicles. ** Provided the owner donates the car. Honda Odyssey vehicles made in 2014 were recalled due to incorrectly installed emblem in some vehicles, on the passenger's side of the rear tailgate. This decreases the resale value of the cars, as it can be believed that the affected vehicles have been involved in a crash and then repaired. The GM disaster recall Since the initial ignition lock recall on February 10, 2014, over 25 million GM vehicles have been re- called for defects mostly from the US. Ignition Switch / Key Ring 52.35% Brakes 13.97% Air Bags 8.12% Transmission 3.14% GM Other 22.33% The largest recalls in history 1 Ford defect: Cruise-control switch spontaneous combustion units affected: More than 14 million date: October 2009 2 GM defect: Faulty ignition switch units affected: 8.4 million date: June 2014 3 Ford defect: Faulty ignition switch units affected: 7.9 million date: April 1996 III 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 JW SURETY BONDS Low Rates Online FAST JW Surety Bonds is the #1 writer of surety bonds for auto dealers in the nation. Information credit: BY NC ND This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License I|| start 2.

Car Recalls in the USA

shared by jwsuretybonds on Aug 27
Even though 2014 is not nearly over, there have already been more cars recalled than in 2013. As of July, over 41 million vehicles have been called back due to manufacturing errors.


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