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Car Maintenance Calendar Handy Infographic

CAR MAINTENANCE CALENDAR DECEMBER NOVEMBER ОСТОВЕВ Keeping up with car maintenance can help extend the life of your car and help to ensure no nasty breakdowns. JANUARY SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE Need to make sure your car has a fully funchonal heaing system. Your rear defroster grid can be tested by simply watching it work on a cold winter day. To prevent fuel-line freezing, keep your fuUel tank at least half full during the winter. SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE Retest the heating and defroster systems. FEBRUAPRY SEASONAL MARCH MAINTENANCE With the winter season wrapping up its final weeks, the Interior of your vehicle might have been neglected. Lubricate the door hingeS, which likely SOund creaky after enduring wetness and Ice. Vacuum the seats and floors to remove the surface dirt, then use an upholstery cleaner to work out the more stubborn stains. REGULAR MA!NTENANCE Change out older motor oll since if shill offers only diminished protechon. Most auto manufacturers recommend engine oil changes every three months or every 3,000 miles. A new oll filter Is a must after every oll change since grime and dirt in the old filter will contaminate the new Also check the fluld for the automatic fransmission and power steering. oil. SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE Af least twice a year, wax your vehicle with a soft terry cloth after a thorough wash. Waxing prolongs the shine of a vehicle's paint, and provides protechon against harsh environmental factors. APRIL SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE MAY With a growing number of vehicles' cabin ventilahon systems equipped with pollen filters, Summer drives are going to be much more pleasurable. If is suggested that you replace the filter every year. SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE For most vehicles equipped with all-season tyres, rotaion every six montths is required in order to balance tread wear along all four JUNE wheels. Bankıng on Summer heat waves, check the Coolant level when the engine is cold, keeping an eye out for any leaks. A LE REGULAR MA!NTENANCE As typical with every three-month service perlod, change the motor ol Some car owners' manuals might suggest a thicker oil for summer driving than the oil grade used in and filter. colder months. HALF YEAR CHECK UP Start with inspechng the rubber hoses for cracks by squeezing the hose with your hand. Oo Inspect the battery connection for Lubricate chassis parts like the steering and suspension components. dırt and corrosion. If it's necessary to clean the battery, wear gloves and carefully disconnect the terminals; Use baking soda and water to clean the battery. JULY SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE Test the alr-condifioning system. SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE AUGUST No specific maintenance required. SEASONAL MAINTENANCE Clean and wax your vehlcle's finish in preparahion for the less than hospitable driving condiions awaiing your ride in the months ahead. SEPTEMBER, REGULAR MAINTENANCE Conduct fluid checks of the automatic Change the oil. transmission and power-steering reservoirs. SEASONAL OCTOBER MAINTENANCE Look for winter windshield washer fluid. Offen coloured blue, winter fluld can operate effortlessly in cooler temperatures and has de-Icing propertes. SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE NOVEMBER Depending on the climate, you may be oping to Install winter tyres rather than all-season ones in the upcoming months. SEASONAL MA!NTENANCE DECEMBER Consider changing to winter specific wipers MOT REGULAR MA!NTENANCE Change the oll filter and motor ol, choosing the recommended grade for the climate condifions in your area. Inspect the rubber hose and drive belt, rotaing all-season tread tyres and checking the battery. Wheel alignment should be conducted on an annual basis. AT 12 MONTHS The engine's air filter, fuel filter and windshleld wipers will need replacing. Conduct an underside inspechon of components: Oo Steering Oo Suspension Oo Exhaust Cars that are well taken care of are safer, get better mileage, are more dependable, perform better, and last longer. REFERENCES First Aid WHEELS 50/156_car_hp.html S-not-Indicative-of-work-quality/ Alloy Wheel Specialist FAWHEELS.CO.UK FEBRUARY JANUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGU SEPTEMBER

Car Maintenance Calendar Handy Infographic

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This info-graphic aims to inform people about when they need to think about addressing various items of car maintenance


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