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Car Haggling Tips

Car Haggling Tips 1 in 6. UK adults intend to buy a car in the next months According to data from Sainsbury's Bank 6.6 million cars AROUND could be sold in the next six months ? 50% will be will be BRAND NEW3 SECOND Of these cars: HAND UK Adults Car Budget Budgets for these cars lean towards either end of the price spectrum £16,771 is the intended spend for a brand new car. £10,685 20% % of UK adults and what they would spend on a car the average amount a UK car buyer intends to spend on a car. 15%- 10%- £5,445 5%- is the intended spend for a second-hand car. 0%- £70.7bn £9,000 £2,0000+ 03 the total intended spend over 6 months (March - August 2013) However... ●•• 31% 25% (38% 4% TITANB 5257 2013 38% of people will haggle Fairly Hard'. 25% of people will haggle Very Hard'. of car buyers won't haggle. Women are slightly less likely to haggle than men. of people don't know how much they will have to spend on a car. According to Auto Trader's Quarterly Owners Guide €939 agole off of a ca. is the amount the av- erage buyer is able to haggle off of a car. Reducing the average car price (£10,685) by 8.7% Men are on average more successful hagglers than women: Men, on average, haggle Q Women, on average, haggle £1,029 £706 off a car off a car 9.6% off the average price. 6.6% off the average price. £6.15 billion is the average amount UK buyers could save on cars in the next 6 months, if they were willing to haggle. General Haggling Tips 1 Choose what car you want before you visit a dealer or seller. Research its average price and set that as your price limit. Bid low and let the seller work up to a price you're comfortable with (if you start too high you can't go back). Keep calm. All you and the seller want is to get a good deal. 4 Don't be afraid to walk away - The seller may call to accept the deal after you've left and there are always more cars available elsewhere. Tips for Buying New Cars 1 Check what deals and discounts are available elsewhere and ask sellers to match them. If part-exchanging, know what your car is worth and haggle up the price. Dealers will usually pay 'trade' prices, which will be less than you'll get by selling privately. It can be easier to haggle towards the end of the month as sales staff will be closer to their sales target. 4 Ask for extras. Getting alloy wheels, air conditioning or even mats and mud-flaps for free, can be a significant saving. If you're taking out finance, dealers may be more willing to offer discounts as they can offset the commission they'll get from the finance lender against money off or extra equipment. Dealers will always be keen to shift older stock, so check if a newer model is about to be released. Tips for Buying Used Cars 1 A car history check will show if the car was in an accident, stolen or has outstanding finance against it. Don't risk your money without ensuring the car is fit for your purposes. Areas of the car which require maintenance or faults found during a test drive are good rea- sons to ask for a discount. CAVELLI 3 N OF BUSINESS USP Incomplete documents make a car's history less certain and so should lower its price. VELLED eceipt of an the option to complete ether part 3or XPENSES HAVE BEEN KEPT may only oomplete part 4 to cal fuel and maintenance costs) 4. Any modifications that have been carried must be to a high standard as some modifications can devalue a car. Sources All data is taken from Sainsbury's Bank car buying index - research commissioned by Sainsbury's Bank and based on an online survey of 2,028 GB adults conducted by ICM Research between 25-27th January 2013 (1) Pro-rata calculation based on data - 6.6 million (14%) adults in Britain intend to buy a car between March and August 2013 (2) Pro-rata calculation based on all 6.6 million (14%) adults in Britain purchasing a car between March and August 2013 (3) Pro-rata calculation based on data - 6.6 million (14%) adults in Britain intend to buy a carbetween March and August 2013 AND 3.2 million people (7%) intend to buy a brand new vehicle in this period. (4) 53% of people who intend to buy a car will buy a second hand vehicle, 48% of people who intend to buy a car will buy a brand new vehicle. The total of 101% reflects survey respondents who intend to buy both a brand new car and second hand car. Trader Media Group: Quarterly Owners Guide Haggling with Sellers - How to Negotiate a Car Sale - Produced by Sainsbury's Bank Makes shopping more rewarding Sainsbury's Finance is a trading name of Sainsbury's Bank plc. Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd is an appointed representative of Sainsbury's Bank plc. Sainsbury's Bank plc, Registered Office, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT (registered in England, no. 3279730) is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (register no. 184514), except for Credit Cards & Loans where we are licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) license no. 421897. 2]

Car Haggling Tips

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1 in 7 UK adults intend to buy a car in the next 6 months. How many of them intend to haggle over the price of their car? Do they know how to haggle? Get some useful haggling tips so you could save yo...


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