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Car Buying Tips: Benefits of Choosing Used

GET THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY WITH A USED CAR %24 E-CARD III. Why purchase a While a new vehicle has that great "new car smell," purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is the more practical route to take brand new car when you can buy a gently used one for much less? in your car shopping journey. Benefits of a used car: Avoid depreciation 10% 20% 15% New cars Value of a new car depreciate in value by 10% once they Another 15% drop expected in years Less popular cars depreciate more quickly. decreases almost 20% in the first year. two and three. leave the lot More bang for your buck Wider selection Little difference between More pre-owned vehicles to choose from than new ones. a brand new vehicle and a fairly new one. Discontinued vehicles and Save nearly 35% on a three-year-old car. older parts are also available. Save even more on a Used luxury and sports higher-mileage car in good condition. cars may now be affordable. Save money on high insurance costs ---- The cheaper the vehicle, the less you will likely pay Compare quotes from at least three auto insurance for insurance. companies. Limited fees Less fees are required when purchasing used Not every state requires documentation fees. cars. CHECKLIST FOR PURCHASING A USED VEHICLE: Prior to completing the purchase of a used car, be sure to thoroughly inspect it before leaving the lot. Examine exterior in daylight for rusty areas or dents Make sure nothing under the hood is out of place (i.e. unattached wires) Check interior for wear and tear Note current mileage Look for fluid leaks or Obtain vehicle's service puddles underneath history Verify any accidents the vehicle was previously Confirm fluid levels in the engine and transmission are appropriate involved in Test drive the automobile Complete safety inspection Finding the perfect pre-owned vehicle that fits all of your needs can be overwhelming. When you've finally spotted the used car of your dreams, it is crucial to mark off each of the listed requirements above before making your purchase to ensure that the car is safe and in good condition. POPULAR USED CARS: Recognized as Fuel Efficient by Consumer Reports: Toyota Prius, Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen Golf TDI, Ford Fusion Hybrid Named Safe by Edmunds: Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Considered Reliable by Forbes: Acura TL, Ford Fusion, Honda CR-V, Lexus ES 350, Cruze, Ford Taurus, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima, Volkswagen Passat, Volvo XC90 Lexus RX 350, Lincoln MKZ, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prius, Toyota Yaris WHERE TO BUY A USED CAR: Now that you've made the smart choice of buying a used car, you need to find a reputable dealership that can help you find the best vehicle for your needs. When researching dealerships in your area to buy from, look for one that: Is recommended by reliable Provides Has multiple personalized financing solutions positive reviews sources Performs Receives their thorough inspections inventory from credible sellers This will save you lots of time and trouble! BROUGHT TO YOU BY CAR AMERICA: Car America is a trusted used car dealership you can rely on. 24 Specializes in used car financing for all types of buyers Performs unique inspection process for every pre-owned vehicle Strong relationships with over 40 different Spends $1,200 on average (twice as much as industry standard) to prep lenders to include Credit Unions (local and federal) each vehicle to sell Sources: Phone number: (804) 441-9352 Call Car America to purchase your CAR AMERICA next pre-owned vehicle! 目

Car Buying Tips: Benefits of Choosing Used

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Are you on the fence about buying a new car or opting for a gently used vehicle? Read on to discover the benefits used car buying has over that new car smell, and learn how you can end up saving money...



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