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Car Accidents

Car Accidents Worldwide, 1.2 MILLION people die each YEAR in car accidents. There were 33,963 last YEAR in the US. That's 1/4 of ALL accidental deaths per YEAR. 33,963 accidental car deaths in the US 121,599 accidental deaths in the US Worldwide, that's 3,287 deaths every DAY. In the US, that's 94 deaths per DAY. That's 1 every 15 minutes Drunk driving accounts for about 1/3 of those fatalities. That's 1 every 45 minutes Fatalities are expected to increase by 65% in the next 20 years. 3/4 of deaths are male. 2010 2030 Nearly 25% of all traffic accidents involve someone talking on a cell phone. Talking on a cell phone while driving can make your reaction time as slow as a 70 year-old. It's estimated the average driver will SWEAR 32,025 TIMES during their lifetime while driving. + %#!!>#? = 32,025 In the US, car crashes are the #1 CAUSE OF DEATH for teenagers. They rank above: XXX Alcohol Drug Abuse Violence Suicide ********** Pedestrians have a 90% chance of surviving an accident at 30/KPH or less. Only a 50% chance at HIGHER SPEEDS. So what are the safest cars on the road? Buick LaCrosse Audi A3 (mid-size car) Honda Civic 4-Door (large car) (small car) And the most dangerous? Chevy Trailblazer Kia Rio Ford Ranger Oddly enough, car COLOR may be related to car accidents. WHITE CARS BLUE CARS RED CARS Responsible for 25.6% of car crashes. Next highest with 16.1%. with 15%. Color popularity WHITE BLAGK 17% of all vehicles. SILVER 17.8% of all vehicles. 16.7% of all vehicles. SOURCE http://www.whaint/violence injuryprevention/publications/road_traffic/world report/en/ 0206 dangerous vehicies.html http://www.whoint/violence Injury prevention/publications/road traffic/world report/main mesages en.pdf

Car Accidents

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Worldwide, 1.2 Million people die each year in car accidents. There were 33,963 last year in the US. That’s 1/4 of all accidental deaths per year. Their was a total of 121,599 accidental deaths in t...




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