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Can We Get Rid of the DMV?

CAN WE GET RID OF THE DMV? The "DMV", as it is referred to in most states, administers driver licenses, vehicle registrations, and other government related services, but Americans HATE going to the DMV DMV DMV DENTIST DENTIST 45% of Americans would rather visit the dentist than the DMV lin3 people And DMV employees don't always treat them well They think it's a 50% waste of time of all in-person visits take more than 30 minutes say a DMV employee was RUDE to them 1 in 3 Americans are dissatisfied with their DMV wait time But people are open to NEW WAYS of improving the situation. 70 65 onine DMV 65% of Americans would consider having privat 3rd-parties provide DMV services 70% of Americans Searches for ONLINE DMV services have increased by 302% over the past 8 yearse want increased investment for new online DMV services WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? Make DMV Services Online and/or Privatized: SAVE MONEY State DMV's cost an estimated Online government transactions cost 7.1 55% billion less per year on average 3rd party employees are up to 39% more efficient5 in processing orders and reduce variable costs by 70% per order SAVE TIME America spends California spends Wait time for online transactions 137 16 0% You NEVER WAIT in line online! million hours million hours waiting in line at the DMV every year6 in line Wait time for 3rd party transactions -> 50% LESS than government offices 3 REDUCE DISCRIMINATION 15% Websites cannot discriminate of Americans felt and private companies discriminated have more against by a DMV employee of an incentive not to do so Americans value innovation and freedom. We can improve how we interact with the government: "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them" Thomas Jefferson com is dedicated to helping people resolve DMV and driving issues quickly and easily. It is a private company not affiliated with any government agencies SOURCES 1 Unless otherwise stated all data is from the National DMV Satisfaction Survey. See more: 2 See Google Trends: http://www.googlecom/trends/explore#q=online%20vehicle%20registration&cmpt=q com/trends/explore#q=online%20drivers%20license&cmpt=q 3 Total DMV costs extrapolated from the average of per capita costs from the following states: NY: http://www.budgetny gov/pubs/archive/fyl213archive/eBudgetl213/agencyPresentations/appropData/MotorVehiclesDepartmentof.html CA: VA: http://datapoint.apavirginiagov/exp/exp_checkbook_agency.cfm?AGYCODE-154 VT: http://www.leg statevt us/jfo/appropriations/fy_2014/DMV%20-%20Budget%20Key%20lssues%20and%20Highlights pdf NM: http//www.nmlegis gov/Ics/Ifc/Ifcdocs/perfaudit/Taxaition%20and%20Revenue%20Department,%20Motor%žovehicle%20Division.pdf SC pdf 4See more: http//www.dmvvirginia gov/general/#news/news.asp?id%36560 5 See more: pdf Extrapolated from data from the following states NJhttp://www.state njus/treasury/omb/publications/05budget/pdf/78.pdf OR:http//www.oregon gov/ODOT/DMV/news/factsstats shtml

Can We Get Rid of the DMV?

shared by dimicos on Nov 07
Here at, we decided it was time to look into how Americans interact with the government, and in particular, the state-run Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Over the past 4 months, we gathere...


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