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Bus WiFi

Bus Riders See a New Face of Public Transportation with Bus WIFÄ° WiFi is becoming a more pervasive feature in everyday life. Now a days, It's not so unusual to find WiFi connection in airports, coffee shops, hotel rooms, Public Parks and even buses. Yes, you heard it right! Bus WiFi is no exception. titti|1 91.3% of people plan to use mobile device in bus. Observation shoWs users use mobile device for 1 45.7% Music- web surfing- cell phone calls- 72.4% WiFi- 59.3% 48.5% 52.1% of riders claimed that WiFi availability is an important factor in making travel plans. Why Wi-Fi in bus? Since 1995 Outrunning population growth of during that same time. Public transit ridership has increased 37.2% 20.3% American Public Transportation Association found that 1.1% Public transportation use across the country has increased to in 2013 with 7.1% of growth in bus ridership. 40% +30% 30% 20% 10% - +5.2% +1.8% -1.0% N/A 0% Curbside Amtrak Airline Conventional Private Auto 10% bus bus Estimated Growth in Passenger Ridership Survey measured the percentage of commuters who tfake public transit in top ten cities in United States New York City, New York - 55.66% Jersey City, New Jersey - 45.82% Washington, D.C. - 38.30% San Francisco, California - 34.05% Boston, Massachusetts - 32.82% Arlington, Virginia - 28.54% Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 27.19% Cambridge, Massachusetts - 26.60% Newark, New Jersey - 26.50% Chicago, Illinois - 26.50% Which mode of travel provides the happiest commute? 86% Illu 84 81 79 77 75 72 70 Walking Train Cycling Drivers Metro Bus But how do they connect? The routers connect to the cellular modems that transmit data to cell phone towers. Follow your device's instructions for connecting to a WiFi network However, Data transmission rates are slow compared to stationary wired connection Bus WiFi for paratransit (passengers with disability) Survey shows that, In 2012 and 2013 there is an increase of 8% among paratransit services. 2012 WiFi in paratransit vehicles allow paratransit operators to Maintain a perpetual connection between the vehicles and their dispatch. 8% 2013 The operators can track the vehicle in real-time Improve performance and productivity Minimizes miscommunications costs Improve route planning and lower overall trip costs. Bus wifi also help 'green up' public transit Wifi can increase ridership by attracting commuters who want to use their transit time for catching up on email, or enjoy online entertainment Bus transit mobile wifi can allow real-time information to riders to avoid guesswork of finding when the next bus will arrive Wifi hotspots on buses can magnetize new riders out of their cars and onto public The BIGGEST transportation, thereby reducing carbon-emissions, congestion, and pollution in the city. advantage Source: Felix Salmon | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters. louis sl (2014), transportation research part F inspirew WIFI I GET CONNECTED 877.278.9434 Year of year change in passenger boarding

Bus WiFi

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In the era of wifi services cropping up almost everywhere, wifi in public transits is no exception. The majority of the commuters can now access internet in bus. The bus transits now a days are helpin...


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