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BikeSurf Berlin: A Visual Introduction

HOW Bikesurf.orB Economy YOU HOW IT WORKS CAN HELP The Sharing JI The sharing economy is a sustainable economic system built around the sharing of human and physical assets It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people, organizations, and organisms. k ride € € book give donate 2012 JUNE 15, 2012: The first Check auailability Receiue an email confirmation with combination code and bike location bikesurfer takes to the streets of Berlin. APRIL promote Donate a few euro, your time, or your skills to keep our wheels spinning and complete the online request form. create a team in 4 7|2 3 your city GRAHAM Name: Bjorn Bike: Blackystripe Date Start: April 3 Date End: April 20 PAU give with only three bikes, a rudimentary booking system and basic bike repair tools, Graham Pope and Pau Simo initiated a new world-class project, your skills BIKESURF BERLIN OUR MISSION It is the first of its kind, this bike lending service places no obligation on its users (affectionately known at BikeSurfers) to pay for the service. DEC JAN FEB MAR JUN JUL AUG SEPT OCT 30 allow everyone to experience cycling in a bike friendly city enuironment 2 demonstrate that a trust-based system is uiable 3 encourage the growth of our 10 10 660 I Berlin and beyond BikeSurfers haye used the Uolunteers who contribute their seruice as of December 2013 talents to the BikeSurf team An estimated €36,000 Events is the total sauings for our users BikeSurf Berlin hosts based on a €?/day rental cost. L ONG & short Facebook: BikeSurfBerlin Email: [email protected] bikerides Bikes currently in the BikeSurf Berlin fleet 23 & bike maintenance and repair workshops Sources: Unlock designed by John Caserta from the Noun Project Bike Lane designed by Jamison Wieser from the Noun Project Poster designed by Raelina Krikston for BSB TWO LEGS GOOD. BIKESURF FREE WHEELS BETTER.

BikeSurf Berlin: A Visual Introduction

shared by Rae on Dec 26
This is an infographic highlighting the history and mission of BikeSurf Berlin. The world's first initiative to create a free bike sharing system.


Raelina Krikston


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