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Bike MSU! Student Commuting Survey Results

BIKE MSU! STUDENT SURVEY RESULTS NEIGHBORHOOD How students get to class O STUDENTS ON BIKES KEY COMMUTING CHOICES Thus far, my survey results suggest that most students ride their bikes and/or walk to get around campus, but students who live on campus prefer walking to biking. Those who live off campus seem to like both methods equally. BIKE LANES # OF RESPONSES: The second page of the survey included questions exclusively for all students who use their bikes to get around campus. Although the local ordinance states that cyclists must ride in the road, most choose to ride on the sidewalk, citing comfort, safety, and convenience as deciding factors. - EXISTING This map reflects how surveyed students who live in dorms got to class and how long it took them to get there during FS10-SS11. Survey- takers were permitted to choose multiple commuting methods. 342 of the 742 students who have responded to the survey live in dorms. FUTURE* COMMUTING TYPES: BIKE PATHS LIVE IN DORMS LIVE OFF CAMPUS BIKE BUS DRIVE WALK - EXISTING SHARED-USE 280 GRAPHIC BY MATTHEW BAMBACH FUTURE* SHARED-USE AVG. COMMUTE: 252 WEST CIRCLE (ALL RESPONDENTS) 240 EXISTING DEDICATED 218 # MIN 207 211 --- FUTURE* DEDICATED 200 BRODY *proposed, not guaranteed 160 36 29 Where students ride 127 RED CEDAR 120 93 102 The majority of student cyclists polled choose to ride on the sidewalk instead of in the street. However, over two thirds of the students prefer to use bike lanes when they are available, suggesting that improved resources would encourage proper riding. A 13 80 35 33 40 AVG. COMMUTE: あ 35 A 29 * 48 13.1 MIN BIKE BUS DRIVE WALK GRAND RIVER AVE. STREET OR DO YOU USE MICHIGAN AVE. Williams AVG. COMMUTE: Mayo Campbell A5 SIDEWALK? BIKE LANES? 16.1 MIN AVG. COMMUTE: STREET ONLY BEAL ST Yakeley/Gilchrist 11.6 MIN 8.7% Landon SIDEWALK ONLY YES Rather Butterfield E. CIRCLE RD. RIVER TRAIL OR BOTH 67.3% 91.3% Bryan W. CIRCLE RD EAST O 20 A 27 Mason/Abbot FARM LANE O 32 45 Getting older, feeling safer Armstrong RED CEDAR RD. Snyder/Phillips AUDITORIUM RD. As my survey results indicate, students who live off campus are more likely to ride their bikes exclusively in the street than those who live on campus. This can possibly be attributed to a raised level of comfort from more experience riding on campus, seeing as those who live off campus tend to be older. Bailey Emmons AVG. COMMUTE: A 19 12.3 MIN KALAMAZOO ST. AVG. COMMUTE: 15.5 MIN LIVE IN DORMS LIVE OFF CAMPUS VanHoosen 180 McDonel -Holmes 168 Owen 160 Shaw 140 129 N. SHAW RD. E. SHAW RD. 114 120 w. SHAW RD. 102 100 S. SHAW RD. 80 SOUTH 60 44 Case Wondèrs Akers 40 20 WILSON RD. Hubbard 6. WILSON RD. STREET SIDEWALK Вотн * 61 do 69 Wilson Lack of safety A 25 A1 An overwhelming majority of students do not wear a helmet or use a light when riding at night, even though the latter is required by law. Most students cited "looking dorky" and not owning a helmet as reasons for not using one. AVG. COMMUTE: 12.9 MIN Holden TROWBRIDGE RD SERVICE RD. DO YOU WEAR A HELMET? 86.3% NO SERVICE RD. DO YOU USE A LIGHT WHEN RIDING AT NIGHT? 75.2% NO SOURCES: BIKE MSU! STUDENT SURVEY (STARTED NOV. 19, 2010); STEVE TROOST, CAMPUS PLANNING AND ADMINISTRATION BIRCH RD. TNUT RD. CHESTNUT, RD. ABBOT FARM LANE FARM LANE BOGUE ST. BOGUE ST. HAGADORN RD.

Bike MSU! Student Commuting Survey Results

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The goal of the “Bike MSU!” project is to promote bike culture on MSU’s campus through the construction of an interactive and informational Web narrative encouraging students to become educated ...


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